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This Week's New Releases!

This Week's New Releases!

Brand new board & trading card games! 

This week's brand new releases are...

Sherlock Holmes: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures 

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures is a standalone expansion to Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective with updated graphics that features ten more cases to be solved in Sherlock Holmes' Victorian-era London, England. A "London Directory", map, and newspaper archives are included with the cases.

YGO Fusion Enforcers - Booster

Fusion Monsters, the original Extra Deck card type, have been steadily growing in power and influence over the past three years, and now they’re getting an entire booster set to themselves! Fusion Enforcers enhances Fusion strategies based on the Decks of popular characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V animated TV series and introduces a brand-new original Fusion strategy that’s sure to delight both newcomers and veteran Duelists alike!

The Fusion Enforcers booster set contains 60 cards: 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares.

Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep

The murky depths of the Pacific ocean conceal untold horrors in Omens of the Deep, a new expansion for Elder Sign, the cooperative dice game steeped in the lore of H.P. Lovecraft’s terrifying mythos. Based on the popular The Call of Cthulhu expansion for the Elder Sign: Omens app, players can now venture forth from the confines of the museum and board The Ultima Thule to combat the Ancient Ones that have begun to stir in the depths of the Pacific.

Midnight Taboo

Its the return of a Classic Party Game experience! Outburst!, the Game of Verbal Explosions is a frantic game of shouting out answers to categories as fast as you can. But be sure to name every answer you can, because only the 10 ANSWERS revealed on the card are accepted as points! Use the card reader to reveal the hidden 10 answers and keep track of the answers your opponent guesses.

Its fast-paced, frantic fun for any party!

Red 7

The rules of Red are super simple: Highest Card Wins!

But Red is just one of seven games you’ll be playing. If you’re not winning the current game at the end of your turn, you’re out! But its okay, you have a chance to switch the game to a different colour to keep yourself in by discarding cards. The game ends as the last person standing wins the round, in order to make sure you are that person you will have to manage your hand and have a good awareness of what the other players are up to!

Netrunner LCG: Daedalus Complex Data Pack

Daedalus Complex, the first Data Pack in the Red Sand Cycle for Android: Netrunner, turns our attention to Mars. There, terraforming is already well underway, and millions of humans live alongside clones and bioroids in a handful of cities and nodes protected by transplas domes.

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Recent releases available now! 

Assault of the Giants: Dungeons and Dragons Board Game

Assault of the Giants challenges players to command one of the six types of giants and claim the right to rule over all giantkind. Command giants and assault settlements to score points and secure important resources, including food, treasure, ore, and runes. The game contents include fourteen giants miniatures, measuring from approximately 4" to over 5½" in height.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Board Game

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game, you help Buffy and her friends defend the town of Sunnydale from an onslaught of vampires and demons, while ultimately attempting to foil the big bad's plot and prevent the Hellmouth from opening. You have to work together, using all of your resources — including special abilities for the character that you play, whether Willow, Spike, or Buffy herself — to defend the helpless townies.

The Miskatonic Museum Mythos Pack: Arkham Horror LCG Exp.

The Miskatonic Museum is the first Mythos Pack in The Dunwich Legacy cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

It begins with a book… Somewhere in the Miskatonic Museum a book called the Necronomicon lies hidden away, kept locked and secret so that those individuals who shouldn't gain access to it do not. The cards and adventure from The Miskatonic Museum grant you access to the Museum and its many exhibitions.

You aren't alone within the museum's darkened chambers; something else stalks the exhibits…


In Herbaceous, herb collectors compete to grow and store the most valuable medley of herbs.

On your turn, you draw an herb, then decide to either keep it in your personal collection or put in into the communal pile.

If kept, the next card goes to the communal pile; if placed in the communal pile, the next card goes in your personal collection.

At the end of the game, collectors determine the best collection as a combination of value from their collection, matching herbs, and herb sets.

Vikings Gone Wild

Each turn in Vikings Gone Wild — a deck-building, resource management game based on the online real-time strategy game — players can either buy permanent buildings sitting in front of them (resource factories, resources containers, etc) or buy units, towers and special cards that improve their deck and offense/defense capacity.

The only way to win is by successfully attacking each other, and each attack involves interesting bluffing mechanisms in which the attacker doesn't know the defense capacity of their opponent...

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