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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

strixhaven draft booster

MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Draft Booster Box


The best booster packs for drafting! One box includes enough 15-card packs to draft with up to 12 players, each choosing one of five elite colleges at the Strixhaven School of Mages and battling for academic supremacy.

strixhaven set boosters

MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Set Booster Box


Who knows what you'll find as you explore the Magic Multiverse's most prestigious school of mages! Perfect for players who love to open boosters just for the fun of seeing what they'll get, each 12-card pack includes at least one foil and has a chance of multiple rare and exciting cards.

strixhaven collector booster

MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Collector Booster Box


Make a beeline for the coolest and rarest cards in Strixhaven! These 15-card boosters are perfect for those looking to gather an enviable collection, loaded with rares, foils, special treatments and more.

strixhaven theme boosters

MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Theme Booster


Five magical colleges vie for supremacy at the Strixhaven School of Mages! Each theme booster contains 35 cards themed around one of the five colleges, each of which specialises in two mana colours. If you know what kind of deck you want to play, this is the perfect booster to get you there quickly.

strixhaven commander

MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Commander Deck


The beloved multiplayer Magic format enrolls at the prestigious Strixhaven School of Mages! These ready-to-play Commander decks let you get straight to the action as you vie for academic supremacy. The commander decks can be purchased individually or as a full set of 5!

strixhaven bundle

MTG: Strixhaven School of Mages Bundle


It's time to choose your college at the most prestigious university for magical learning in Magic's Multiverse! Contains 10 draft boosters to kick-start your collection, as well as an exclusive foil alt-art promo card, 40 basic land cards and extra accessories.

lotr monopoly

Monopoly Lord Of The Rings

2 - 6 players | 30 minutes | £33

In the Monopoly Board Game: The Lord of the Rings Edition, players imagine being in Middle-earth as one of the Fellowship. Buy properties to protect the lands from the evil armies of Mordor, and earn money by charging rent and by controlling the Ring of Power.

lair of dagon

Arkham Horror LCG: Lair of Dagon Mythos Pack


Continue to dive beneath the surface and investigate the twisted and strange happenings in the small fishing hamlet of Innsmouth! Following closely on the heels of The Innsmouth Conspiracy deluxe expansion, this cycle of Mythos Packs tells the remaining chapters of the story. From the mysterious heights of Devil Reef island to abyssal tunnels far beneath the ocean surface, players will have to go deeper than ever before if they are going to uncover the truth behind the cult's activities and safeguard the world from a rising tide.

alice is missing

Alice is Missing


Alice is Missing, a silent role-playing game about the disappearance of Alice Briarwood, a high school junior in the small town of Silent Falls. The game is played live and without verbal communication. Players inhabit their character for the entirety of the 90-minute play session, and instead of speaking, send text messages back and forth to the other characters in a group chat, as well as individually, as though they aren’t in the same place together.

Other brand new games coming next week


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