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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

candlekeep d&d

Dungeons & Dragons: Candlekeep Mysteries


Candlekeep Mysteries is a collection of seventeen short, stand-alone D&D adventures designed for characters of levels 1-16. Each adventure begins with the discovery of a book, and each book is the key to a door behind which danger and glory await. These adventures can be run as one-shot games, plugged into an existing Forgotten Realms campaign, or adapted for other campaign settings. This book also includes a poster map of the library fortress and detailed descriptions of Candlekeep and its inhabitants (Alternate Cover coming soon).

time spiral remastered

MTG: Time Spiral Remastered Draft Booster Box


Time Spiral Remastered is a new way to experience the Time Spiral block originally released in 2006-2007. It features fan favourites from Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight all distilled into one draft experience. The set includes cards from the Time Spiral block sets. As with the original Time Spiral set, each pack contains one Timeshifted card.

pokemon ss5 collectors chest

Pokemon TCG: Collector Chest (Spring 2021) Single Strike Tepig/Rapid Strike Shinx


Tepig and Shinx are ready to join your Pokémon Trading Card Game team in this Collector Chest that's loaded with cool Pokémon goodies. Single Strike Tepig and Rapid Strike Shinx appear on a pair of foil promo cards, and you'll find even more Pokémon TCG cards in five booster packs. You'll also find a mini portfolio to protect your cards, two Pokémon coins, a notepad, and four sticker sheets. Everything comes in a sturdy metal case that makes a great place to stash your favorite Pokémon trinkets.

pokemon ss5 battle booster box

Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 5 Battle Styles Booster box CDU


Expand your collection with this Pokemon TCG: Battle Systems Booster Packs. Each Pokemon Battle Styles Booster box contains 36 Battle Styles Booster Packs, each pack contains 10 random Pokemon cards.

tacocat spelled backwards

Tacocat Spelled Backwards

2 players | 15 - 20 minutes | £15

Tacocat Spelled Backwards is a fun combination of strategy, luck and instinct. Two players engage in card-playing duels to bring Tacocat closer to their side of the board, in a unique and amusing tabletop game that taps into the irreverent humour which made Exploding Kittens so popular.

animal adventures gull cove

Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove


Animal Adventures is back with an intriguing new campaign setting for any tabletop roleplaying game! Welcome to Gullet Cove, where awakened animals and other creatures live side-by-side in—well, perhaps not harmony, but it's close. Most of the time. The Gullet Cove sourcebook introduces stats and rules for new cat and dog adventurers, new enemies, and 5 immersive adventures for 1st to 5th level characters. It also comes with 8 playable encounter maps and a double-sided overview map of Gullet Cove.

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