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This week's new releases

This week's new releases

Brand new games coming next week

legacy zero

Pandemic Legacy: Season Zero

2 - 4 players | 45 - 60 minutes | £80

Designed as a prequel, Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 lets you dive into a Cold War spy thriller! As in the first two Pandemic Legacy games, each time you play brings new cards, rules, and conditions that affect future games. Work together with your fellow agents to prevent this new bio-threat — the fate of the world depends on it. Can you save humanity once again?

mysterium park

Mysterium Park

2 - 6 players | 30 - 45 minutes | £24

In this cooperative stand-alone game, the ghost sends visions with illustrated cards. The psychics try to interpret them in order to rule out certain suspects and locations. Then, they’ll seize their only chance to piece together what happened to the director. You have only six nights before the carnival leaves town... Open your minds and find the truth!



1 - 4 players | 70 - 100 minutes | £55

You are a group of gnomes living close to the cities and you also need and the light of the bonfires. Missing it now, you try yourself to visit the cities and learn how to ignite the bonfires once again: You must visit the guardians of light on their holy islands and ask for tasks to prove your good will. For each completed task, they will re-ignite one extinguished bonfire. Whoever manages to earn the greatest trust from the guardians and manages to brighten their city the most will win the game

patchwork general

Patchwork: Christmas Edition

2 players | 15 - 30 minutes | £22

Your favourite quilt-making problem solving game, but with a new festive theme! To create a beautiful quilt, however, requires effort and time, but the available patches just do not want to fit together. So choose your patches carefully and keep a healthy supply of buttons to not only finish your quilt, but to make it better and more beautiful than your opponents. Official boxart will differ.

curse of strahd

Dungeons & Dragons: Curse of Strahd Revamped


Inside this creepy coffin you'll find Curse of Strahd, one of the most popular Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game products of all time, split into three parts: a 224-page perfect-bound adventure for characters of levels 1–10, a 20-page Creatures of Horror booklet of new monsters that appear in the adventure, an 8-page Tarokka Deck booklet, and lots lots more.

pictionary card game 2020

Pictionary Card Game

4 - 6 players | 15 minutes | £9

The addictive fun of the original Pictionary - no drawing required! The deck comes with simple images on picture cards. Combine cards or use them as props as you race to act out answers. Earn five points and your team is a picture-perfect winner!

volcanic island

Adventure Games: The Volcanic Island

1 - 4 players | 75 minutes | £16

In The Volcanic Island, you slip into the roles of four students on a volcanic island who face mysterious events. Like a thriller, you need to solve puzzles, make decisions, track traces, and analyze and use objects. You will experience a story together. Gameplay is variable and different in each group.

Other brand new games coming next week
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