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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

7 wonders 2nd ed

7 Wonders 2nd Edition

3 - 7 players | 30 minutes | £43

Make the right decisions to lead your civilization to prosperity! Lead one of the seven greatest cities of Antiquity. Develop your civilization on a military, scientific, cultural, and economic level. Once built, will your Wonder bring you glory for millennia to come? No downtime, renewed fun in each game and perfect balance regardless of the number of players. This new edition leaves the gameplay untouched, instead focusing on making the game easier to learn and play with graphical improvements!



2 players | 35 minutes | £30

Inhabitants of the forest and of the sea, it is time to awaken! You will embody shamans and build Megaliths to expand your power and dominate the rival tribe. Activate the unique powers of each new Megalith, but beware: shamans from the opposing tribe can also activate them! In this intense duel, you must consider each move carefully as you advance your shamans across the play area, banish the opposing shaman and build Megaliths to make your way to victory!

dark sector

Escape the Dark Sector

1 - 4 players | 20 - 60 minutes | £35

Playing as the beleaguered crew of an impounded starship, players find themselves confined to the detention block of a vast space station. Using a variety of advanced gear and weaponry, they will embark on a desperate mission to find their ship and blast their way home. Along the way, the crew will have to overcome a variety of dangers, traps, and terrors. From cyborg guards and faulty replicators to killer alien organisms, each challenge is represented by a large, beautifully illustrated chapter card.

yogi guru

Yogi Guru

3 - 10 players | 10 - 20 minutes | £15

YOGI GURU perfectly illustrates the definition of an utterly accessible party game: understood in one minute, and unlimited insane laughter! Yogi Guru can be played by itself or as an expansion for the game Yogi. 60 new challenges await you: knee above the deck of cards, a finger touching red, stomping before drawing... Are you ready to go to the next level?

Other brand new games coming next week
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