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This Week's New Releases

This Week's New Releases

Brand new board & trading card games!

This week's brand new releases are...

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases

Get ready to don your Holmesian thinking cap as you tackle 10 new cases in this new instalment of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

In this clever puzzler, there are no dice to roll or even a board to play on. Instead, the game truly challenges the mind as you and your friends immerse yourselves in Victorian London, reading newspapers and interviewing suspects to find clues and deduce the truth. Time is of the essence too, as you are racing against none other than the famed detective himself! Why were two lions murdered in Hyde Park? Who is responsible for the missing paintings from the National Gallery? The game is afoot!

MTG: Commander Anthology

For those Magic players who want something big and red to liven up their shelf, we have the mighty Commander Anthology. In the same spirit as Duel Decks: Anthology and Planechase Anthology, this hefty box gathers four previous Commander products – "Heavenly Inferno," "Evasive Maneuvers," "Guided by Nature," and "Plunder the Graves" – together in one convenient package. Includes four specialized life counters, tokens, and all cards included in the original decks.

EXIT: The Game - The Pharaoh's Tomb

EXIT: The Game is a true escape room experience in a small box! Solve puzzles, answer riddles, and crack codes using the unique spinning dial to escape your impending doom in the Pharaoh's Tomb. It takes teamwork, a level head and a spark of ingenuity to face the trials of the pyramid and survive. Will you succeed, or will you be trapped forever? The rest is up to you.

EXIT: The Game - The Abandoned Cabin

Everyone meant to use the cabin only as a shelter for the night, but come the morning the door has been secured by a lock, with no one knowing the combination of numbers that will let them leave. The windows are barred as well. An enigmatic spinning code dial and a mysterious book are all that you have to go on. Can you escape from this abandoned cottage?

More games coming next week:

We have all these fabulous games coming to the store. If you'd like any of them then get in contact with us.

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Recent releases available now!

Mint Works

Here at Rules of Play, we usually kick off this blog with something big and impressive; a huge box of stuff that probably requires a shelf made of reinforced steel. This week, however, we proudly bring you a game so tiny, it literally is a mint tin. Enter, Mint Works.

A light and straightforward worker placement game that fits in your pocket, Mint Works has you collecting and spending mint tokens to build plans and acquire points, creating a mint empire that would fit on the table of a garden gnome. It's fun, simple, and deceptively strategic, and its small size makes it easy to take anywhere, be it the top of a mountain, the heart of a jungle, or indeed an actual mint factory. The possibilities are endless.

Castles of Burgundy - The Card Game

For those concerned about the rapidly-diminishing storage space that's part and parcel of our wonderful hobby, we have another small game this week that won't have you making another voyage to IKEA. Spinning off the classic and much-loved board game, Castles of Burgundy - The Card Game is a fast-paced, entirely card-based game of trade and commerce in the 15th Century, and it's just as brilliant as its older, beefier sibling.

The Hundred Years' War is over and the Renaissance is looming. Conditions are perfect for the princes of the Loire Valley to propel their estates to prosperity and prominence. Through strategic trading and building, clever planning, and careful thought, players add settlements and castles, practice trade along the river, exploit silver mines, farm livestock, and more.


Once Yokohama was just a fishing village, but now at the beginning of the Meiji era it's becoming a harbor open to foreign countries and one of the leading trade cities of Japan. Copper and silk are collected for export, but the city is also starting to incorporate foreign technology and culture.

In Yokohama, each player is a merchant in the Meiji period, trying to gain fame from a successful business, and to do so they need to build a store, broaden their sales channels, learn a variety of techniques, and (of course) respond to trade orders from abroad.

Lorenzo il Magnifico

You must be pretty fabulous if your name is literally 'Lorenzo the Magnificent'. If you're feeling the boredom of 21st Century life with its concrete, grey shirts and terrible politics, let Lorenzo il Magnifico whisk you away to the world of marvellous Lorenzo and his fantastic friends.

In the game you lead a noble family in a city during the Italian renaissance. Accumulate prestige and fame by sending your family members to different areas of town, and bask in the glory of more victory points than you can possibly imagine. It's magnificent!

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