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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

mtg mystery

MTG: Mystery Booster Display


Mystery Booster is a booster pack release inspired by those Chaos, Cube, and off-format drafts. It is, in effect, a chaos draft in a pack. With some twists. Contains 24 booster packs.

cave defenders

D&D Icons of the Realms Monster Pack: Cave Defenders


For use with the D&D RPG, these cunning kobolds, terrifying ogres, and savage bugbears represent some of the most iconic foes from the D&D universe. These high-quality figures bring an exciting new dimension to your adventures and allow you to create an endless variety of encounters for all your campaigns.

hero master

Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails

2 - 5 players | 45 -  60 minutes | £35

As one of Snoozehaven’s worst adventurers you’ll be squabbling over the right to be the Party Leader, avoiding the “take-that” of the bungling buffoons around you and trying to get enough gold to leave behind your failure-fraught-fellowship. You’ll have to manage both your hand and your expectations... you guys really are terrible.

age of artisans

Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans Exp.

1 - 6 players | 60 - 80 minutes | £35

In Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans, journeymen have returned to the city as master craftsmen, equipped with knowledge of new crafts and tools. The Guildhall has never been so busy!

Other brand new games coming next week

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