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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

talisman batman

Talisman - Batman

2 - 6 players | 60 - 90 minutes | £70

Talisman: Batman – Super-Villains Edition allows players to take on the role of Gotham City's notorious evil-doers, sneaking and fighting their way through Arkham Asylum's two floors and central tower to be the first to subdue Batman and successfully release its dangerous inmates.

trails of tucana

Trails of Tucana

1 - 8 players | 15 minutes | £20

Trails of Tucana is a flip-and-write game from the creators of Avenue and Doodle City that is quick and easy to play, but has enough depth to entertain gamers. Players score points by connecting matching harbors, and by connecting sights to harbors.

dark side rising

Star Wars: Dark Side Rising

2 - 4 players | 45 minutes | £48

Star Wars: Dark Side Rising is a co-operative card and dice game inspired by the events leading up to and through Star Wars: A New Hope. Players must coordinate efforts to recruit iconic characters, such as C-3PO, R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Admiral Raddus and Han Solo, and organize their cells to thwart the Empire's rise to galactic domination.


Jaws Strategy Game

2 - 4 players | 60 minutes | £30

In JAWS, one player takes on the role of the killer shark off Amity Island, while the other 1-3 players take on the roles of Brody, Hooper and Quint to hunt the shark. Character and event cards define player abilities and create game actions for humans and the shark. If humans kill the shark, they win; if the shark attack on the Orca succeeds, the great white shark wins.

bananagrams duel

Bananagrams Duel

2 players | 10 minutes | £10

Find your wordy rival and get ready to play the two-player word game that you can take anywhere! Work against your opponent to form words as quickly as possible and score the most banana cards.

escape plan

Escape Plan

1 - 5 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £138

Will you escape the city with the most money, or will the Police lock down the city before you can escape? In Escape Plan, players are the thieves, but they may influence the cops' moves every turn.


Other brand new games coming next week

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