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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

era medieval

Era: Medieval Age

1 - 4 players | 45 - 60 minutes | £50

In Era: Medieval Age, players roll dice representing the four classes of medieval society: peasants, clergy, nobles, and burghers in an attempt to build the most prosperous medieval city. When the game is over, each player will have their own, unique model of a city – which will be different each time you play.

everdell pearlbrook

Everdell: Pearlbrook Expansion

1 - 4 players | 40 - 80 minutes | £48

Explore a new underwater society in Pearlbrook, the first expansion for Everdell! Pearlbrook introduces a new side board, the river board, where you'll send your frog ambassador to gather a new resource: pearls. You'll also encounter new aquatic critters and constructions!

taverns tiefenthal

Taverns of Tiefenthal

2 - 4 players | 60 minutes | £35

It's important to attract new, wealthy guests for only then is there enough money to expand the tavern, which will then lure nobles into the tavern as well. But which tavern expansion is best? Should you focus on money? Or rather ensure that the beer will keep flowing?

house of riddles

EXIT: the Game - The House of Riddles

1 - 4 players | 45 - 90 minutes | £14

You and your fellow detectives are summoned to an abandoned house. Never wanting to turn down an unsolved mystery, you arrive at the house. Suddenly, you hear screams and see that the entrance has shut behind you. What’s happening here? Will you be able to crack the case and find your way out of the house?

haunted roller coaster

EXIT: the Game - The Haunted Roller Coaster

1 - 4 players | 45 - 90 minutes | £14

Fancy a ride at the fair on the ghost train? Of course — but what if this ride suddenly stops and you become trapped in the scenery? Then it's time to start working with your fellow passengers to escape this place of horror as quickly as possible.


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Board Game

2 - 4 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £70

Panem is in revolt. After Katniss escaped from the quarter quell to the mysterious District 13, she joined an all-out rebellion. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - The Board Game is a strategic board game where two to four players must employ all their wits in order to free or control Panem.

welcome to summer

Welcome To... Summer Neighborhood Exp.

1 - 50 players | 25 minutes | £10

Welcome To… Ice Cream Truck Follow the truck to get more ice cream. Comes with 3 new city plans and 50 sheets of brand new art and mechanics.



2 - 8 players | 30 - 45 minutes | £20

In the game Medium, players act as psychic mediums, harnessing their powerful extra-sensory abilities to access other players’ thoughts. Together in pairs, they mentally determine the Medium: the word that connects the words on their two cards, and then attempt to say the same word at the same time! Two cards. Two thoughts. One mind.



2 - 4 players | 20 - 30 minutes | £25

Pack your lucky socks and get ready for an adventure exploring Dragonrealm! Sneak into the Witch’s Cabin, search the Ogres’ Treehouse, or storm the Dragon’s Lair. Add adventurers to different locations in the hopes of getting the most treasure. But watch out for goblins who might get there first and grab the treasure before you! In the end, the player with the most treasure wins.

Other brand new games coming next week

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