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This week's new releases!

This week's new releases!

Brand new games coming next week

pandemic rapid response

Pandemic: Rapid Response

2 - 4 players | 20 minutes | £39

Pandemic: Rapid Response is a race against time. Roll dice to create supplies, fly the plane, and make deliveries to cities in need. As the timer counts down, you must quickly coordinate and work together to react to new disasters. Will you and your team be able to respond in time?

st d&d

Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set


Pick your character—will you be Will the Wise or Dustin the Dwarf? Get your fireballs ready as you investigate the mysterious castle and battle the ferocious Demogorgon. Prepare for just about anything, because the game just got stranger...

pikachu cafe

Pokemon TCG: Detective Pikachu Cafe Figure Collection


Even world-class detectives need a break every now and again, and Detective Pikachu loves to relax with a piping-hot cup of coffee. You can celebrate his love of the bitter elixir and score some great Pokémon Trading Card Game cards with the Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu Café Figure Collection.

space explorers

Space Explorers

2 - 4 players | 20 - 40 minutes | £29

Your goal is to complete large- scale space projects by gathering the best and brightest minds humanity has to offer. Thanks to your efforts, satellites, manned spaceships, and orbital stations will be launched into space!

Other brand new games coming next week

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