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This week's brand new releases!

This week's brand new releases!

Brand new board games! This time enter worlds filled with haunted houses, warring factions and lightsabers! Check out our full collection of new releases! 

This week's brand new releases are...



Scythe is set in the 1920s, but not the normal gatsbyesque 1920s. It's an alternate-history full of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor.

In Scythe, each player represents a character from one of five factions of who are attempting to earn their fortune and claim their faction's stake in the land around themselves. Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs.




Mansions of Madness (Second Edition)

Mansions Of Madness is a macabre game of horror, insanity, and mystery set in the Lovecraft universe. Each game takes place within a pre-designed story, run through an app, that provides players (who will be taking on the role of investigators) with a unique map and several combinations of plot threads.
These threads affect the monsters that the investigators encounter, the clues they need to find, and which climactic story ending they will experience!
Searching for answers isn't so easy when you're struggling to survive the tides of horror that await around every corner! Can you keep a hold on your sanity and your life?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game

Grab your lightsaber and feel the force as The Force Awakens Beginner Game gives players of all skill levels the perfect entry into the Star Wars roleplaying experience. It introduces a complete, learn-as-you-go adventure that carries you from the sands of Jakku deep into the heart of a mystery that could change the course of the galaxy. Set during the rule of the New Republic and just prior to the events of The Force Awakens. The Force Awakens Beginner Game contains everything you need to start playing your part in the struggle between the First Order and the Resistance.

More games coming next week:

We have all these fabulous games coming to the store. If you'd like any of them then get in contact with us.

Check out our new releases collection for the full list, and don't forget to check us out on TwitterFacebook and Instagram!

Pre-order games available soon:


Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk

The ominous looking house on the hill has a terrifying reputation. Those who dare to darken its door often leave steeped in madness and despair — if they leave at all.

The horror reaches new heights with Widow's Walk, the first-ever expansion for the critically acclaimed board game Betrayal At House On The Hill. The house is expanded with the addition of twenty new rooms. In its halls you will find new monsters, items, omens, events, and fifty brand-new haunts.

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