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This Week’s New Releases!

This Week’s New Releases!

Carcassonne Big Box 2022

Carcassonne Big Box 2022

2 - 6 players | 30 - 40 minutes | £90

Same great content, brand new look. The 2022 edition of the Carcassonne Big Box contains the classic base game and 11 expansions with brand new art to tie in with the 2022 edition of the standalone base game.

Shattered City RPG

Shattered City


Shattered City is a roleplaying game about occupation and revolution in a fantasy world ravaged by war. Together you’ll build a city and sketch out its wonders and scars. You’ll take the reins of factions working to bring freedom to this city – or the foreign Guild sent to bring it to heel. You’ll make the heroes of this city: bold warriors, civic leaders, and uncanny mystics. And together you’ll tell the tale of this place’s struggle for freedom.

As flashpoints threaten to set the city ablaze, as you fight to pull down the occupying forces or work within their systems to earn yourself prosperity, as you work with the others to find moments of beauty and hope, what sort of community will you build? And what mysteries will you uncover along the way?

Voidheart Symphony - Core Rulebook


Voidheart Symphony is a tabletop roleplaying game about mundane people diving into a demon-filled labyrinth to save the ones they love. Based on Apocalypse World and Rhapsody of Blood, it’ll fill your story with dramatic choices and dynamic action.

Your rebels each have a core strength – they may be an Authority, a Provider, a Watcher. But your enemy is far too great for you to face alone. Those you care for will grant you powers of their own: an investigative journalist can give you the searing light of the Sun, and a caring mentor may give you the healing power of the Gardener.

The World and the Void will both offer you their power, and make their own demands. How will you strike that balance? What will your revolution fight for? That’s your story to tell.

Digimon Card Game: Booster Box - New Hero BT08

Digimon Card Game: Booster Box - New Hero BT08


Each Box contains 24 Booster Packs with 168 Commons, 72 Uncommons, 35 Rares, 7 Super Rares, 4 Campaign Rares and any combination of 2 Secret Rares or Alternate Arts.

Rescuing Robin Hood

Rescuing Robin Hood

1 - 5 players | 30 - 60 minutes | £45

Rescuing Robin Hood is a collaborative deck-building game that takes 45-60 min and plays 1-5 players. Robin Hood has been captured! As the leaders of the Merry Band you have only 5 days to come to his rescue, using all the Wit, Brawn and Stealth you can muster. Each turn you work together to rescue villagers captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men. As more people are rescued new villagers join your side. Once you have built up your Merry Band you select your dream team, storm the castle, and fight one final battle to rescue Robin Hood!

Poetry for Neanderthals NSFW

Poetry for Neanderthals NSFW

2+ players | 15 minutes | £20

Exploding Kittens fastest growing game now with an “after-hours” twist, 400 new clues designed to make adults blush, Includes a brand new inflatable SLAP Stick to match the theme.

And lots of other new releases this week!

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