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The 10 perfect games for couples this Valentine's Day!

The 10 perfect games for couples this Valentine's Day!

All of these available to buy right now

So it's Valentine's Day again and you're looking for the perfect couples board games, maybe that special romantic game for the perfect date night. Well have no fear, we here at Rules of Play have picked out 10 of the best couples night board games! You'll never be BOARD on a date again!

fog of love

Fog of Love

2 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £48

It's time to have deep conversations and romantic revelations! In Fog of Love you will create and play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love and face the challenge of making an unusual relationship work. Playing Fog of Love is like being in a romantic comedy: roller-coaster rides, awkward situations, lots of laughs and plenty of difficult compromises to make!

kitty paw valentines

Kitty Paw: Valentine's Day Edition

1 - 4 players | 15 - 30 minutes | £20

In a brand new box to give to that special someone as a board game for Valentine's! What happens when seven cats run into cardboard boxes? Well, a crazy game of kitty hide-and-seek! Kitty Paw is a dexterity and reaction game. Players try to be the first to complete the kitty combinations shown on the Kitty cards to score victory points (VP). 

codenames duet

Codenames Duet

2 - 4 players | 60 minutes | £17

Codenames Duet keeps the basic elements of Codenames but now you're working together as a team to find all of your agents! Drop subtle hints to your partner so that they can guess all of the secret words!

 stuffed fables

Stuffed Fables

2 - 5 players | 60 - 90 minutes | £65

Become a little girl's favourite toys and protect her from nightmares, working your way through a beautiful narrative that makes a perfect couples night board game. Make daring melee attacks, leap across conveyor belts, or even steer a racing wagon down a peril-filled hill - just save the child you love from a scheming, evil mastermind...

fox in the forest

The Fox in the Forest

2 players | 30 minutes | £15

In The Fox in the Forest you score points by winning more tricks than your opponent, but don't get greedy! How well do you know the person sitting opposite you for this romantic board game? Win too many tricks, and you will fall like the villain in so many fairy tales...

exit island

EXIT: The Game - The Forgotten Island

1 - 4 players | 45 - 90 minutes | £14

For those shipwrecked on the beach of this forgotten island, a chained boat is the only hope — but the mysterious owner has left puzzles over the whole island. Will the the two of you be able to solve them, free the boat, and escape?! The perfect mystery to solve as a Valentine's Day board game!



2 players | 20 minutes | £13

In this very appropriate Valentine's Day game, players compete to create the most beautiful flower bouquet. The longer the flowers, the higher they score! A player's turn ends when they decide to cut flowers. Maybe use this as inspiration for gifts for that special someone...

 cucumber sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich

2 - 4 players | 10 - 30 minutes | £20

Battle to grow your Cucumber in an action filled card game of strategy, betrayal and chaotic climaxes! However, beware... players will be waiting to Fondle you senseless at every opportunity! Not to mention the impact of a Shrivel or the disappointment of a Dickochet. The less said about this as a couples board game the better!

kodama duo

Kodama Duo

2 players | 40 minutes | £19

Kodama Duo is a two-player standalone version of Kodama: The Tree Spirits. You will grow a tree by placing branch cards in clever arrangements, making a happy home for your Kodama and their loved ones. Hey, it's cheaper than getting a mortgage!



2 - 5 players | 45 minutes | £30

You are a paperback author trying to finish novels for your editor. Complete Westerns, Science Fiction, Romance (wink wink) or even the rare Best-Seller. Live the dream — and maybe pay the bills. Word-building meets deck-building in the unique game Paperback!

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