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Remarkable RPGs Coming Soon!

Remarkable RPGs Coming Soon!

Available to Pre-order right now!

Ready to explore strange new worlds, meet exciting characters, and fight terrifying new monsters? We've selected the best RPGs to transport you to these weird and wonderful planes of existence, all of which you can pre-order right now!

 ravenloft alternate

Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft (Alternate Cover): Dungeons & Dragons [ Pre-order ]


Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft contains everything you need to craft a horror-themed campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. Unleash a treasure trove of new story hooks, character options, and campaign customization to bring one of the most exciting Dungeons & Dragons settings to life! An alternative art cover with a distinctive design and soft-touch finish is available exclusively in game stores.


Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft: Dungeons & Dragons [ Pre-order ]


Discover the mysteries of Ravenloft, mist-shrouded lands where infamous Darklords lurk among ageless vampires, zombie hordes, cosmic terrors, and worse. Then make your choice. Will you create your own Domains of Dread, settings to host endless terrifying adventures? Or will you join the ranks of haunted heroes who embrace macabre lineages, dual-edged Dark Gifts, haunted subclasses, and other forbidden powers?

 temple elemental evil

#6 The Temple of Elemental Evil: Original Adventures Reincarnated (5E Adventure) [ Pre-order ]


This exciting release reprints the original material from the published module T1-4: The Temple of Elemental Evil, as well as the original version of T1: The Village of Hommlet. Created by Gary Gygax and Frank Mentzer, The Temple of Elemental Evil has long been regarded as one of the greatest adventures in TSR’s publishing history.

dune collectors rulebook

Dune Collectors Edition: Corrino Core Rulebook [ Pre-order ]


The Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game takes you into a far-future beyond anything you have imagined, where fear is the mind-killer so be sure to keep your wits about you. The Imperium is a place of deadly duels, feudal politics, and mysterious abilities, noble Houses politic constantly for power, influence, and vengeance in a universe where a blade can change the fortunes of millions. Build your House, carve your place in the universe or rebuild an ancient lineage and fight for the Imperial throne.

dune rulebook

Dune Standard Edition Core Rulebook [ Pre-order ]


Take your characters on a journey through the storied worlds of Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece, inhabit elite agents working for noble Houses where Mentats, Swordmasters, Spies, Bene Gesserit Sisters, Devious Advisors, or even desert Fremen join together to follow your banner.

dune gm kit

Dune Gamemaster's Toolkit [ Pre-order ]


The Gamemaster's Toolkit contains:

  • Beautiful artwork that wraps around the outer facing panels of the screen
  • Reference tables and key rules
  • 32 page Gamemaster booklet containing tools and advice on creating and running a Dune: Adventures in the Imperium campaign

malleus monstrorum

Malleus Monstrorum: Cthulhu Mythos Bestiary [ Pre-order ]


The information within is designed to bring the creatures and bizarre races of the Cthulhu Mythos to life at the gaming table, as well as all manner of Great Old Ones, Outer Gods, Elder Gods, Avatars, and Unique Beings. Their lore and statistics updated and revised for the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition game (and Pulp Cthulhu). All brought to startling life by the illustrations of expert artist Loïc Muzy. This two-volume collection is packed with ideas, concepts, and insights to immerse your scenarios and campaigns deep in the heart of the Cthulhu Mythos.

soulbound champions

Soulbound, Champions of Order: Warhammer Age of Sigmar Roleplay [ Pre-order ]


Champions of Order gives players a wealth of new options for creating characters in Soulbound and features new Archetypes, new Talents, and devastating new spells. It’s packed with content and options to expand on your Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound game.

death on the reik directors cut

Death on the Reik: Enemy Within Campaign Director's Cut Vol.2: [ Pre-order ]


Welcome to Death on the Reik, part two of the revised and updated Director’s Cut of the Enemy Within, one of the most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written! Created by legendary WFRP writer, Graeme Davis, one of the original writers of the campaign, the Director’s Cut provides additional material to create an enhanced experience that maintains all the mood and paranoia of the original. Death on the Reik carries on from where Enemy in Shadows left off, taking your unlikely heroes on a grand adventure up and down the remarkable Reik, the largest river in the Old World and trade route to the heart of the Empire.

And plenty of other RPG products are also available to pre-order right now!

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