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Push It: the ultimate game you didn't know you needed

Push It: the ultimate game you didn't know you needed

Push It board game

Want to play Push It at #InternationalTableTopDay2017?


What game is it?

Ahhh, push it, p-push it real good!

It's not just the title of Salt-N-Pepa's only hit song - it's also a lovely little dexterity board game for players who like competition (and the risk of losing an eye).

The latest board game we're bringing to your attention is Push Ita finger-flickin' game that's as simple as it is silly.

How do you play?

2 to 4 players take their places around a table. It can be any size and any shape; it just needs to be smoother than a Ryan Gosling chat up line.

Next, players choose their colour of wooden pucks, and place 1 puck riiiight at the very edge of the table, with the Jack puck in the middle of the table. Whoever has the longest name goes first.

Push It dexterity game

Now it's go time! Players take turns to flick, hit, punch, whack or slap their pucks into the centre, as close to the Jack puck as possible.

*Hint* Try blowing your puck really, really hard. It doesn't work but it's fun!

Once everyone's taken their first turn, the player with their puck furthest from the Jack goes next. 

The aim is to smash, crash and bash your puck's way to victory by knocking other players' pucks further away (or even off the table!).

Get it wrong and knock the Jack off the table? THE END IS NIGH! THE ROUND IS OVER! PREPARE FOR THE A-PUCK-ALYPSE!

Screaming star wars gif 

If you legally finish your round, then whoever has the closest puck(s) to the Jack wins points. If you can't decide on a winner, a 'push off round' is initiated, where players push one puck each towards the Jack at the same time. Whoever gets closest wins.

Pressure shot!!!!!!!!!!! #nerve #eyeofthetiger #winning

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Extra nuggets:

- You can't get all up in someone else's grill. Stick to your own flicking area, please. 

- No wriggling around or moving chairs to enhance your angles. Stay put!

- You only need 11 points to win! But you do need to be 2 points clear to be crowned champion.

Push It board game Kickstarter image UK

Tell me more!

Push It is a b-e-a-uuutiful retro-style board game that's wonderfully easy but presents several challenges - like how not to flip tables in anger, even when you really want to.

Originally from Kickstarter and raising over £11,000 to become a reality, Push It first became available to buy in February of this year, meaning it's just a teeny weeny infant in its gaming life.

Puck gif

It's the perfect travel board game for pubs, restaurants and your mate's kitchen table as it's tiny and comes with its very own travel bag. All you need is a friend and a smooth table (and I can definitely always find a table). 

For events like our weekly #BoardGameBar - or your very own games night! - it's the obvious accompaniment for some beers and nibbles, but Push It can be played anywhere at any time with any people. Just push sensibly, kids.

You can find out more about Push It on the official website, or visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

To buy Push It, click here

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