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Say hello to our brand new staff member, Dyfed!

Say hello to our brand new staff member, Dyfed!

Dyfed joins us after years of being an actual Rules of Play customer - he’s now hanging up his ‘buyer’ apron and stepping behind the counter to become the newest staff member in store.

An avid board game fan, his favourite genre to play is Euro games but his noggin contains a vast amount of knowledge about a huge range of games, from party games, family games, all the way down to those geekier classics.

We put some questions to him so we could learn more about the man behind the Rules of Play counter. Take it away, Dyfed...


What’s your favourite board game?

Mage Wars. It basically lets me become a Mage in a war (obviously).


If you had to pick a least favourite board game, what would you pick?

Trivial Pursuit, only because you have to be on the perfect place to get a perfect question right. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I'm thick....


Favourite gaming memory?

Playing Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs, on next door's living room floor. I played it during the day and on my own, with my very own custom rule set. I was an advanced 6 year old. 


You’ve been working at Rules of Play for a few weeks now. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about working at a games shop?

How many gamers are out there! This hobby is not a small minority anymore - I mean, just look at the amount of people who come to our Board Game Bar nights! It's so easy to meet other gamers and have some really fun times playing new games.


Stamina and the will to carry on are both important traits in gamers! What’s your longest gaming session record?

I play a lot of games solo, so it must have been Eclipse. Playing 9 versions of my self took some time, and the game was set up over 3 days. Sometimes I play games with people... (honest!)


What is your ideal weekend in Cardiff?

Well, when I'm not playing Eclipse, I like cycling into town, looking at things I can't really afford, and having a coffee at Uncommon Ground in Royal Arcade. Then I spend my evenings watching online reviews, play-throughs, podcasts, and anything board game related I can find.


What TV series / film would you love to be turned into a game?

I don't really watch much TV, but I would really love someone to make a proper Football Management Game (*cough*, did I mention I'm designing one?). Shameless plug there.


What game are you particularly looking forward to playing but haven’t yet?

Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres. When this game arrives, it'll hopefully be like when I first started playing Skyrim. 

Thanks Dyfed! Pop in and say hello to our brand new member of staff at 29 Castle Arcade. 

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