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Next Week's New Releases! The Plum Island Horror, The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion, Tanto Monta: The Rise of Ferdinand and Isabella, Ceres, and more!

Next Week's New Releases! The Plum Island Horror, The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion, Tanto Monta: The Rise of Ferdinand and Isabella, Ceres, and more!

The Plum Island Horror

The Plum Island Horror is a 1 to 4 player game featuring cooperative play that combines tactical-level unit management with a tower-defense style survival mechanic. Each player will control one of six unique factions which represent the various groups that populate Plum Island. Each of these Factions has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the system encourages you to optimize for the group’s strengths and marginalize its weaknesses. Players must coordinate with one another, and the resulting synergy will hopefully be enough to successfully evacuate a city under siege and contain the horrific outbreak that threatens to spread beyond the island itself. If the players can succeed, they will win together, and the world will most likely be none the wiser to the averted crisis. If not, they will lose together and share the blame equally for failing humankind.

The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion: Arkham Horror Card Game

Whether from the depths of the earth or the infinite cosmos, unknown terrors can appear without warning. Unspeakable horrors come in all shapes and sizes, and often the threat they pose can go completely unseen until it is too late. It is up to the brave few with keen intellect, honed survival instincts, or pure dumb luck to face these eldritch perils before they consume us all.

The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion features five new investigators for Arkham Horror: The Card Game and adds a wealth of new player cards and options for deckbuilding, including brand-new bonded cards and cards that make use of bless and curse tokens. Use the right tool for the job as the handyman, Wilson Richards; build the ultimate laboratory as the scientist, Kate Winthrop; smooth-talk your way out of danger as the countess, Alessandra Zorzi; bring balance to chaos as the folklorist, Kōhaku Narukami; and throw yourself into danger to protect others as the farmhand, Hank Samson.

Tanto Monta: The Rise of Ferdinand and Isabella

Prequel to "Here I Stand", Ed Beache's famed game published by GMT GAMES. It is a game for 4 players (Muslim, French, Portuguese and Spanish) covering the reign of the Catholic Monarchs and the voyages of the Age of Discovery.

This is a CDG where each player has to reach 45VP to win in the course of 7 maximum turns. Players play cards for their event or to perform actions from a list of available options for each power and at a specific cost for each action. VPs are earned either by military objectives, discoveries of new zones, trade, royal weddings or certain events. In each turn the 4 players alternate playing cards and so on until the end of the turn. The combats are resolved by means of dice rolls with possible support of combat cards and taking into account the type of participating unit.


The days of Earth being the center of humankind’s attention has ceased. The time of long-distance spaceflight and planet colonization is upon us. Mars has been colonized for more than 100 years. Today, numerous institutions use Mars as the center of their operations. The Asteroid Mining Assembly of Corporations (A.M.A.C) oversees the works of all asteroid mining.

Ceres, a dwarf planet lying amid the chaos of the Asteroid Belt, is now the home of the asteroid mining industrial complex. While corporations compete for profit and power, and operations on Ceres grow rapidly, so is the demand for high-skilled laborers. Are you ready to board the mission and lead Ceres? CERES awaits you!


Thousands of years ago, near the end of the ice age, humans once again dwelt on fertile land. But a new challenge awaits! The ice is still melting, and that fertile land will soon be flooded. All living creatures must escape to the mountains.

Your engravings and cave paintings will stand the test of time, and the skills you have honed will be passed on to your descendants. It's up to you to leave your "footprints on the ground" for the generations to come.

Maneuver your clan through difficult terrain, improve your skills to advance more efficiently, gather needed resources, make cave paintings and engravings at important sites, and use your leader to inspire your clan beyond their limits, while trying to reach the cairns on the horizon before time runs out...

Footprints is a competitive game with asymmetric player powers (each player has their own clan deck) and variable setup through a modular game board. Your abilities in route planning, skill improvement (engine building), and hand management will increase your chances of winning the game. The game can be played solo.

Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig

Test your architectural skills in Blueprints of Mad King Ludwig, a flip-and-sketch strategy game to draw the most extravagant blueprints for King Ludwig's next castle!

Select rooms to add to your castle's floor plan. As you complete rooms' entrances by connecting them to other rooms, earn new abilities such as adding or removing entrances, earning new bonus cards, and taking extra turns. Keep your eye on the King's favors to beat out your opponents for public goals, as well as create courtyards and moats around your castle for some massive points to get ahead! The player who sketches the castle most suited to the whims of King Ludwig takes the royal victory!

Board Games:
Western Legends: Big Box Bundle (deluxe storage box, insert, promo cards)
Dominion: Seaside 2nd Edition
Scrabble Refresh 2024
Banish All Their Fears: Bayonet & Musket Series Volume 1
Norman Conquests: Men of Iron Volume V
TATSU : Japanese Spirit
Munchkin Snakes
HeroQuest: Path of The Wandering Monk
Cardline Animals 2
Cardline Dinosaurs
The Easter Escapade: Holiday Hijinks 8
Allan and Bobby’s Block and Guess
Grail Cup
French Quarter

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath and Glory Starter Set

Digimon Card Game: Exceed Apocalypse Booster Pack (BT15)
Digimon Card Game: Double Pack Set 02 (DP02)
Dragon Ball Super CG: Starter Deck - Fusion World (FS01)
Dragon Ball Super CG: Starter Deck - Fusion World (FS02)
Dragon Ball Super CG: Starter Deck - Fusion World (FS03)
Dragon Ball Super CG: Starter Deck - Fusion World (FS04)
Dragon Ball Super CG: Fusion World Official Card Sleeves
WS Booster Pack: Chainsaw Man (16)
WS Trial Deck - Chainsaw Man (6)

Miniatures Games:
Mythic Battles: Ragnarok (Base Game and Storage Box)
Mythic Battles: Ragnarok - Ymir Exp
Mythic Battles: Ragnarok - Asgard Exp
Mythic Battles: Ragnarok - Ragnar Saga Exp
Mythic Battles: Ragnarok - Jormungand Exp
Mythic Battles: Ragnarok - Nidhogg Exp
Mythic Battles: Ragnarok - Surt Exp
Icons Of Bast Terrain Pack: Marvel Crisis Protocol
Kingdom Of Wakanda Terrain Pack: Marvel Crisis Protocol
Rival Panels - Battle for The Throne: Marvel Crisis Protocol
Star Wars Legion: Geonosian Warriors Unit Expansion
Star Wars Legion: Sun Fac & Poggle the Lesser Commander Expansion
Lead by Example (Plo Kloon Squad Pack) Star Wars: Shatterpoint
Fear and Dead Men (Darth Vader Squad Pack) Star War: Shatterpoint
Fearless and Inventive (Jedi Luke Skywalker Squad Pack) - Star Wars: Shatterpoint
Ee Chee Wa Maa! (Leia and Ewoks Squad Pack) Star Wars: Shatterpoint
Yub Nub (Logray Squad Pack) Star Wars: Shatterpoint

White Dragon Trophy Plaque: D&D Replicas of the Realms


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