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Next Week's New Releases! Pathfinder Restocks, Path of Civilisation, Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend, and more!

Next Week's New Releases! Pathfinder Restocks, Path of Civilisation, Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend, and more!


The Pathfinder Player Core presents a new entry point to Pathfinder Second Edition, with everything a player needs to learn how to play the game! Choose from eight ancestries, eight complete character classes, and hundreds of feats and spells to make unique characters ready for deadly adventures in a world beset by magic and evil! This 464-page hardcover tome is the definitive rules resource for all Pathfinder Second Edition players!

Pathfinder Player Core is the first core rulebook for the fully remastered Pathfinder Second Edition RPG! These rules are compatible with previous Pathfinder Second Edition rulebooks, incorporating comprehensive errata and rules updates and some of the best additions from later books into new, easier-to-access volumes with new presentations inspired by years of player feedback. Along with the GM Core, Monster Core, and Player Core 2, these books provide a new foundation for the future of tabletop gaming!



Take the reins of your civilization, and make choices that will lead to the most prosperity. Research new technologies to improve your nation's science, military strength, fervor, culture and industrialization. Grow the greatest philosophical current of humanity. Use your followers to become one of its forerunners, and thus decide its evolution. Send your architects and explorers to create wonders from your territory that will outlive all of us. Grow your population so that the most illustrious characters are born from it and change the world forever, even after their death. Develop your military heritage so that the name of your civilization is enough to make your opponents tremble — and if that is not enough, send your army to defeat even the most distant barbarians. Use your philosophers and thinkers to solve the great challenges of humanity that will mark its history.

In Path of Civilization, from the very first second of the game you must make choices that will have repercussions until the end of the game. The game is played simultaneously and works with a simple card and resource management system. The diversity of its cards guarantees enormous variability.



Tamashii is a cyberpunk adventure board game with a post-apocalyptic vibe. Players will struggle to survive and pursue their agendas in two worlds at the same time - the physical one, filled with deadly machines and merciless human survivors, and the virtual one, prowled by tracking software and vicious viruses.

Players will try to achieve their goals on a modular city map. They will find new locations, fight against strong enemies and search for important information and files needed to win the game.

The second part of the game takes action on a virtual map. Here you will try to hack your opponents, unlock special bonuses or get one-time bonuses for completing the sequences.

The game may be played in different scenarios. You might have to cooperate with other players, play against them or even make an alliances with your enemies. But watch every step you take; every conflict, cooperation or alliance might be a double-edged sword.



The heyday of the Star Union has come to an end. Setting off massive Gravity-Bombs designed to create spatial rifts to new worlds led to the Collapse, and many planets were cut off from the rest of the Empire.

The surviving factions began gradually rebuilding civilization and rediscovering lost technology. Being once part of a single state, they will have to meet again and find out who is worthy of succeeding the great power.

You are the Commander of one of the six surviving groups that have set out to explore the once-abandoned parts of the Star Union. Your expedition will explore seven planets in search of valuable resources and technology, battle hostile units, and seize landmarks. Will you be able to create a new world from the shards of the old Empire?



The forensic scientists of the Glitch Squad have each been assigned a crime scene to analyze. Unfortunately, the office cat—Glitch—has accidentally changed the password to all of the evidence lockers.

Each round, you write 3 clues to help one of your teammates guess a piece of evidence related to the crime: location, weapon, occupation, or hobby. Unfortunately, Glitch the cat messes up these clues. Acting as the meddlesome cat, your opponent gets to erase one of the clues, and write in a "Glitched" clue to stump your ally.

Can you guess the evidence from the clues, knowing one of them is glitched? If so, you reveal the next letter in the password to your evidence locker! If not, the opponent who glitched your clues gets the next letter in their password. The first team to guess all of their passwords wins!



Timeline Twist: Star Wars

Tamashii: Chronicle Of Ascend

Tamashii: Miniatures- Edgerunners

Tamashii: Forbidden Chapter

Tamashii: Caties Diary

Tamashii: Owlman

Tamashii: Stretch Goals- Lost Pages

Age of Wonders Planetfall

Path of Civilization

Zombicide: Chronicles RPG: Road to Haven

Star Trek Away Missions Expansion: Captain Picard - Federation Expansion

Star Trek Away Missions Expansion: The House of Duras - Klingon Expansion

The Pumpkin Problem: Holiday Hijinks

The Turkey Trial: Holiday Hijinks 7

Bark Avenue

Patterns: A Mandala Game

Grid & Hex: Battle Map Board

Pictionary vs AI

Orion Duel Deluxe

Orion Duel

Heroes of Barcadia

Heroes of Barcadia Party Pack Exp

Glitch Squad

Ex Libris Second Edition

Raise the Flagg Campaign Exp: G.I. JOE Deck-Building Game

Expanded Archives: Ex Libris Expansion

Resident Evil: The Board Game

Halloween Party

Tricks & Treats

Double or Nothing: 3000 Scoundrels Exp

Starter Set 2024: DC HeroClix


One Piece Card Game: Official Storage Box - Zoro & Sanji

One Piece Card Game: Official Storage Box - Nami & Robin

One Piece Card Game: Official Sleeve 4 (4 Kinds Assortment)

Shadowverse: Evolve - Umamusume: Pretty Derby- Booster Set (16)


Path of the Planebreaker (Cypher System)

Transformers RPG Decepticon Directive Sourcebook

An Exquisite Crime: A Surreal Storytelling Experience

G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game Ferocious Fighters: Factions in Action Vol. 1 Sourcebook


Tricks & Traps Cut Out Tokens

Planebreaker GM Screen

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Calendar: Marvel HeroClix

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