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Next week's new releases, available from Monday 31st July!

Next week's new releases, available from Monday 31st July!


Roll out the red carpet for your Commander! Enhance your multiplayer decks with some of the greatest cards to ever grace the Commander format. We’ve also got some surprises in store, with some packs containing special treatment cards destined for starring roles in your collection.

This Commander Masters Set Booster Box contains 24 Commander Masters Set Boosters. Each Set Booster contains 15 Magic cards, 1 Art Card, and 1 token/ad card or card from “The List” (a special card from Magic‘s history—found in 25% of packs), including 2–6 cards of rarity Rare or higher (2: 34%; 3: 48%; 4: 15%; 5: 2%; 6: <1%) and 3–8 Uncommon, 4–8 Common, and 1 Land cards. Every pack contains at least 1 Traditional Foil card of any rarity. A Traditional Foil Land replaces the basic land in 20% of Set Boosters and a Foil-Stamped Signature Art Card replaces the Art Card in 10% of Set Boosters. A Traditional Foil Borderless Mythic Rare card can be found in 1% of boosters.



The British Way: Counterinsurgency at the End of Empire is the first of several COIN multipacks, containing four separate games exploring a series of thematically related insurgencies. Between 1945 and 1960, the British fought four major “emergencies”, as they referred to their counterinsurgency campaigns, each trying to manage their retreat from empire. The four games in this pack focus on exploring British counterinsurgent responses to a variety of different opponents, including communist insurgents in Malaya, militant nationalists in Kenya, and smaller and more clandestine terrorist organizations in Palestine and Cyprus. The games adjust the core COIN mechanics to provide a compelling new way of handling two-player conflicts, while also streamlining several mechanics to quicken gameplay. The British Way offers an approachable introduction to the COIN series for new players, while presenting experienced players with four mechanically distinct games to explore and compare.



BATSU! is a party card game where players compete in hilarious challenges to avoid humiliating or mildly painful punishments!Each round a different player is the judge. The judge of the round draws a Challenge Card for the other players to compete in. These could be anything from telling a story to acting as props for a play.

There is a deck of audience suggestions to switch things up every time a challenge is drawn. Different challenges require different types of suggestions. For example, the judge may draw a Place Card so the scene could take place anywhere from a baseball field to Mars.

The judge then decides which player did the worst and deserves to be punished, Japanese game show style! It could be something humiliating like calling a friend to tell an embarrassing story about you, or painful like getting an arm hair plucked out! In the end, players are either funny or get punished!



Rippling rivers, rustling forests, wheat fields swaying in the wind and here and there a cute little village - that's Dorfromantik! The video game from the small developer studio Toukana Interactive has been thrilling the gaming community since its Early Access in March 2021 and has already won all kinds of prestigious awards. Now Michael Palm and Lukas Zach are transforming the popular building strategy and puzzle game into a family game for young and old with Dorfromantik: Das Brettspiel.

In Dorfromantik: Das Brettspiel, up to six players work together to lay hexagonal tiles to create a beautiful landscape and try to fulfill the orders of the population, while at the same time laying as long a track and as long a river as possible, but also taking into account the flags that provide points in enclosed areas. The better the players manage to do this, the more points they can score at the end. In the course of the replayable campaign, the points earned can be used to unlock new tiles that are hidden in initially locked boxes. These pose new, additional tasks for the players and make it possible to raise the high score higher and higher.



Boss Monster is the best-selling standalone card game that challenges players to become the ultimate villain by creating the deadliest dungeon! With over a million copies sold, this game is sure to be a hit at any table.

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Boss Monster with the special 10th Anniversary Edition! Lure heroes to your dungeon with all new room cards and four new bosses. Thwart your opponents plans or buff your boss up with new spell cards! A modernized rulebook and quick start guide in this edition helps new and seasoned players alike. Do you have what it takes to be the baddest Boss in town, or will these puny heroes take your treasures? Find out in the all-new, special edition!



During the reign of Emperor Yao, the people of ancient China were constantly plagued by deadly floods along the Yellow River. Eager to put an end to the devastation, Yao selected Gun, one of his officials, to devise a plan. After nine years of failed attempts using dams and dikes, Gun's employment came to a questionable end. After his passing, Yu inherited his father's work. Learning from Gun's failures, Yu set out to construct a series of canals to direct the surging river into nearby fields and smaller waterways.

Legacy of Yu is a solo-only, fully-resettable, nonlinear campaign game in which you step into the role of the legendary hero of the Xia Dynasty, Yu the Great. It will be your job to build the canals ahead of the impending flood, while also defending your growing village against neighboring barbarian tribes. With each game, stories will be shared and new gameplay elements added. The campaign features a self-balancing system which adapts to how well you are doing. The campaign ends once you either win or lose seven games.



Boss Monster: 10th Anniversary Edition


City Planner

Witches of Dathomir (Mother Talzin) Squad Pack: Star Wars Shatterpoint

This Party's Over (Mace Windu) Squad Pack: Star Wars Shatterpoint

The British Way

Seas of Thunder

Batsu: The Punishment Card Game

Mindbug - First Contact

Mindbug - First Contact: New Servants Add On

Legacy of Yu

Transformers Deck-Building Game: War on Cybertron Expansion



MTG: Commander Masters Draft Booster (24)

MTG: Commander Masters Set Booster (24)

MTG: JAPANESE Commander Masters Set Booster (24)

MTG: Commander Masters Collector Booster (4)

MTG: Commander Masters Commander Decks (4)

Pokemon TCG: Back to School Eraser Blister (2023) CASE - Smoliv/Lechonk



Strat. & Tact. Issue #340 (French and Indian Battles)

Strat. & Tact. Quarterly 22: Guderian's Panzers

World at War Issue #90 (Great European War)

Big Book of Battle Mats - Rooms, Vaults & Chambers

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Lines Drawn in Blood Sourcebook

G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game Cobra Dice Set

G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game: Cobra Dice Bag

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Standee Pack #1

Hunter: The Reckoning 5th Edition Roleplaying Game Storyteller Screen Kit

G.I. JOE Roleplaying Game: Sgt Slaughter Limited Edition Accessory Pack



UNIT Gamegenic Watchtower 100+ XL - Black

UNIT Gamegenic Watchtower 100+ XL - Blue/Orange

UNIT Gamegenic Sidekick 100+ XL - Orange

UNIT Gamegenic Watchtower 100+ XL - Orange

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Black

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Blue

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Red

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Green

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - White

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Purple

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Orange

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Yellow

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Pink

UNIT Gamegenic Token Holder - Clear

UNIT Gamegenic Holder Cave - Black


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