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Gen Con 2016: Seven of the best round-ups

Gen Con 2016: Seven of the best round-ups

Every year, thousands of game-hungry people travel to the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis to attend Gen Con, arguably the biggest US gaming convention. As pilgrimages go, it's definitely in the top 10 ones to make.

Sadly, we've not yet been able to make it, which means we rely on 'Gen Con round-ups' to satisfy our desperate need for gaming news. Must - have - GAMES!

We've rounded up seven of the best Gen Con round-ups, so even if you couldn't make the convention, you can feel like you were there.

(Considering America's current state of crazy, perhaps it's probably best you weren't. All of the fun, none of the Trump!)

Please note: This list is not in any particular order.

So, kicking us off is... 


#GenConOutOfContext (Indy Star)

We're beginning the mother of all round-ups with this epic photo gallery of Cosplay costumes out on the street, and removed from their natural Gen Con habitat.

Indy Star photographers have captured some wonderful moments of 'dressed-up gamers meeting the public' in Indianapolis, from a pensive Deadpool to a Stormtrooper in a kilt, just chillin'.

Read the article.


10 best board games at Gen Con (Paste Magazine)

Ooh, I love a good listicle! This one's a nice, simple run-down of the ten best games at Gen Con (in the writer's opinion). Features several you won't have heard of 'til now, which is always great! 

I'm particularly over the moon about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. In fact, I'd say I'M ECSTATIC. That Harry Potter has never had a proper, 'gamer-certified' board game is a crime. This could be the one to break that spell! Ba dum tishhhh.

Read the article.


EVERY board game at Gen Con (Paste Magazine)

Ten games not enough for ya? The same writer (Keith Law) from the round-up mentioned above has written a separate list, this time featuring every single game he saw at the convention. Phew!

A comprehensive and informative list that bullets by publisher, so you can scroll easily to the kind of games you know you'll enjoy. I'm liking the sound of Beyond Baker Street, where you play AGAINST Sherlock Holmes. Also, if you like any of the Tiny Epic games, then Tiny Epic Western is coming your way, cowboy!

Read the article.


The NSFW side of Gen Con (Indy Star)

Gulp. Don't read this one in work, a public library, a coffee shop - in fact, it's best to check out this one in the privacy of your own home! 

Did you know there's *whispers* rude stuff at Gen Con? I would never have guessed! Despite the huge family turn-out, several stalls and booths cater just for the over 18s market. 

Bonus info: There may not be many female game designers out there, but Katie Ohlrich, who's created a made-to-offend game with a name I can't repeat here, is certainly changing that...

Read the article.


Gadgets and gear from Gen Con (Polygon)

I'm loving this round-up based on its visual gorgeousness. The writer (Charlie Hall) has created a stunning photographic mood-board of what Gen Con had to offer this year.

If you want to get a better sense of how some of the upcoming games will actually look, this is the article to read. If you just like lovely pictures of dice and accessories, this is right up your street too!

Read the article.


Star Wars at Gen Con (Slash Film)

Not a general round-up of the convention as such, but if you like Star Wars and you like board games, I have some news you're gonna love! Fantasy Flight Games have announced a sweeping new range of board games full of Jedi force.

Among the list, there's Star Wars: Destiny, a collectible dice game. A fresh batch of X-Wing ships, featuring Kylo Ren's shuttle from The Force Awakens. And - perhaps most exciting of all - a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Roleplaying Game. I CAN FINALLY BE REY! Awww yissssssss!

Read the article.


Our favourite things at Gen Con (GeekDad)

Good old GeekDad! In their substantial round-up, each 'GeekDad' runs through his discoveries and favourite game finds from the trip. You get 8 opinions in this piece, so you're sure to find something you're excited about yourself. 

Great to see a mention of Sushi Go: Party as being 'fantastic'! If you want a fully-immersive view of what Gen Con's like as a visitor and game-player, this is the round-up for you.

Read the article.


There we have it! Seven of our favourite Gen Con round-ups from 2016! And what have we learned, fellow children?

  1. There are some incredible games coming out soon that we cannot wait to play
  2. If you're gonna leave the venue wearing your Cosplay outfit, walk with your head held high - slay, gurl!
  3. And if someone doesn't buy us a ticket for next year's Gen Con, there will be DIRE CONSEQUENCES. That is all.

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