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Games to take on... a travelling or backpacking holiday

Games to take on... a travelling or backpacking holiday

Heading out into the world with just a rucksack to your name? If you're going travelling or backpacking, you need small games that are still bags of fun! 

These travel card games will keep you going, wherever you roam...


Sneaky Cards - a great game for travelling and backpacking holidays

Sneaky Cards, £10

The aim of Sneaky Cards is to complete each card objective - and that could be anything from 'Take a selfie with a stranger' to 'Pre-pay for an item at a vending machine'. Once you've done it, leave the card where it tells you to, and carry on with life. The ultimate travelling game, you can play Sneaky Cards with 7 billion other people on Earth!


Randomise card game for travelling holidays

Randomise, £10

A great game for breaking language barriers on a backpacking holiday, Randomise is a travel-sized party game that asks players to draw, describe or act a character you have been randomly assigned by the opposing team with the help of the cards in the box. 


Port Royal card game for family holidays

Port Royal, £10

Port Royal is a sea-faring game where players search for a powerful crew and try to avoid greedy Privateers! You need to increase your wealth and influence across the Caribbean waters whilst avoiding pirate danger... Perfect for a hiking trip to the coast!


Tempura card game for travelling holidays

Tempurra, £11

Tempurra (Tem-purr-a for the cat fans) is a push-your-luck style game where you stuff your furry kitten tum and show your opponents who's the fattest cat in town in an eating contest! Eat as much as possible and avoid indigestion, all while pushing your opponents to overeat! 

When looking for travel board games that'll fit in your pocket, look no further than this list!

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