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Games to take on... a family holiday

Games to take on... a family holiday

Summer in Wales has begun! 

To help you kick off your summer festivities, we're bringing you a series of blogs on 'games to take on holiday'; wherever you're going, whoever you're going with, you'll find the perfect game with us!

If you're going on holiday with the whole family and need great board games for little kids, don't panic - you won't need to teach them Poker, because we've got the best holiday games for families right here!


Push It family board game

Push It, £15

A brand new addition to the Rules of Play family board games collection, Push It is a retro-inspired game from the days of yore, which also makes it totally cool. If you're a fan of games like Pucket or Crokinole, this is the travel-sized, holiday-friendly game for you!

Simply flick or push your wooden pucks as close to the centre as you can. It's a skill and luck game that wouldn't be out of place in a hipster coffee shop or a back-to-basics caravan park.

A good choice for: Any holiday setting with kids of any age (as long as you can find a table or other smooth surface).



Go Cuckoo family board game for holidays

Go Cuckoo, £15

Remember Kerplunk?! Go Cuckoo is Kerplunk with ambition. Players must use sticks to construct a nest full of cuckoo eggs - but if one of your eggs rolls out, you lose a point (but gain scrambled eggs on toast, so who's the real winner here?).

A good choice for: A holiday with young kids - the game's increased concentration can calm them down after three too many ice creams...



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Happy Salmon board game for families

Happy Salmon, £13

Happy Salmon is the perfect holiday game for little kids, and it's nicely travel-sized too! Players call out the actions on their cards as fast as they can.

When two cards match, those players must perform the action - whether it's 'High 5', 'Pound It', 'Switcheroo', 'Happy Salmon' and more. First player to use and discard all their cards wins!

A good choice for: Sitting around a campfire, perhaps? This game's like 'Snap' with attitude, and younger kids love it.



Hey That's My Fish family board game

Hey That's My Fish!, £10

Sticking with the fish theme, I present to you a firm favourite of mine, Hey That's My Fish! I've seen this game played by families with little ones AND 25-year-old office workers; it's truly universal!

Players move their penguins around a board made of tiles featuring various amounts of fish. Each time a penguin leaves a tile, it collects the tile. Collect enough tiles with the most fish and you win!

A good choice for: Post-dinner entertainment at a restaurant. It's not a loud or physical game, but still has plenty of high-stakes fish-stealin' to keep you on the edge of your seat.



Wherever you're going on your family holibobs, make it a rule to always pack a game, even when the suitcase is full to bursting. Better to have hours of entertainment than an extra pair of socks!

For any other ideas, why not pop into our shop at 29 Castle Arcade? Or just head over to our Twitter and ask away!

NEXT WEEK: The best games to take on a solo holiday (throw us your suggestions!)

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