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Games to take on... a couples holiday

Games to take on... a couples holiday

Today, June 20th, is the OFFICIAL start of Summer! Sun cream, melted Cornettos, and an army of wasps that will rise up when the time is right - ahh, it could only be Wales.

To help you kick off your summer festivities, we're bringing you a series of blogs on 'games to take on holiday', covering every scenario from beach dunes with the family to caravan sites with the in-laws, from pool sides to hostels to the Grand Canyon; you'll find the perfect game with us!

Without further ado, we're jumping straight into the swimming pool of board games with...


The Best Board Games for Couples Holidays


Bridget board game

Bridget, £25

A favourite of mine, Bridget is a wooden block building game where players try to construct an unbroken bridge across a small grid of squares.

Player 1 might be the most incredible, logical builder, but Player 2 can block, build over, and generally mess up your best efforts while building their own bridge. A perfect 'end of the night with some wine' game. 

A good choice for: Most holiday settings - the wooden blocks won't get ruined by grass, sand, or even water!



Jaipur board game

Jaipur, £20

A lovely little trading game (full of cunning ruthlessness), Jaipur pits the players as competing traders in a market, trying hard to sell the most items at the best price so you can be announced as the best trader and meet the Maharaja.

Tactics, risk and luck await you in this exotic card game for couples - even when you're staying in a cottage in Dorset.

A good choice for: A chilled night with some dinner and drinks at a local bar - perhaps at a table overlooking the beach?



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Hive Pocket board game

Hive Pocket, £15

A fun-sized version of a bestseller, Hive Pocket may look cute, but it's lethal; often likened to chess for its use of strategy (and my inability to grasp it), players must move their insects around the 'hive'.

Each insect has a unique way of moving - the beetle climbs on top of other bugs, while the grasshopper jumps in a straight line, etc, etc. First player to surround the other's Queen Bee wins!

A good choice for: Planes, trains, and automobiles! It's great for travel if you need to pack light - just be ready to think deep.



Artifacts Inc board game

Artifacts, Inc., £20

In the thrilling adventure ride of Artifacts, Inc., you're explorers looking to claim the most treasured artifacts (and respect) as a director of an archaeology company.

You'll sell your trinkets to museums and purchase new company assets whilst exploring hidden parts of the world, in a bid to outdo each other and win the most reputation points first.

A good choice for: Travellers, backpackers, and country explorers - might as well practise in your board games, too!



Did you know that no scenic view is complete without the pained cries of someone who lost at a board game to their partner? There's no sound quite like it... Enjoy your holibobs! 

For any other ideas, why not pop into our shop at 29 Castle Arcade? Or just head over to our Twitter and ask away!

NEXT WEEK: The best games to take on family holidays (throw us your suggestions!)

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