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COMPETITION: Get your Sneaky Cards across the globe!

COMPETITION: Get your Sneaky Cards across the globe!

If you haven't heard about the gaming phenomenon that is Sneaky Cards yet, then catch up with this previous blog post!

Sneaky Cards competition with Rules of Play


How the game works

In a nutshell, it's a genius card game from Gamewright where players must follow fun instructions from cards that might ask you to 'take a selfie with a stranger' or 'give this card to somebody without them knowing'. 

After you complete a card, you 'pass it on', which is why your cards may just end up all over the world! When you buy a copy, you can pop online to register your deck which automatically registers each individual card. Then, if someone in Japan ends up with one of your original Sneaky Cards, they can log the card online, and you can see how far it's travelled!

Sneaky Cards game competition with Rules of Play


Our competition (win a £10 board game voucher!)

We're challenging you to get one of your Sneaky Cards as far across the globe as you can! 

Without using tricks or cheating techniques ('COS TRUST ME, WE'LL KNOW!), you must ensure that at least one card in your deck is tracked online in a faraway place. Whoever gets it furthest wins a £10 board game voucher to spend in the Rules of Play store!

Sneaky Cards map


T's & C's

You must be able to provide photographic evidence (like a screenshot) of your card being logged / tracked online in the location it ends up, and you must be able to provide ID so we know that the card definitely belongs to you.

You have until October 31st to complete the challenge (should you choose to accept it).

Vouchers can be redeemed in store or online. Where possible, all competition entries should be provided to a member of staff in store at 29 Castle Arcade, Cardiff. However, if you're not local to Cardiff, you can email

Can you be a ninja of joy and sneakiness?

Good luck planet earth

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