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Brand new games coming this week

Brand new games coming this week

Near and Far

2 - 4 Players | 60 -120 minutes | £70

Four wanderers search for the Last Ruin, a city that legends say contains an artifact that will grant the greatest desires of the heart. A lost love, redemption, acceptance, a family rejoined-- these are the fires that fuel the wanderers' journeys, but can they overcome their own greed and inner demons on the way? Near and Far is a sequel to Above and Below and includes a book of encounters. This time players read over ten game sessions to reach the end of the story. Each chapter is played on a completely new map with unique art and adventures. Answer the call of the ruins and begin your journey.

Carcassone: Under the Big Top

2 - 6 Players | 45 minutes | £18

At long last, the circus is coming to Carcassonne. The ringmaster has organized a night full of stunning acrobatic routines that will leave you speechless, while the most talented artists show their latest tricks. Followers can now be trained to perform human pyramids, and a circus tent will attract the people of Carcassonne, while the ringmaster keeps things organized and visitors calm and quiet. Carcassonne: Under the Big Top is the tenth large expansion for Carcassonne and the first large expansion released exclusively for the second edition of Carcassonne. Part of the Carcassonne series.

Road Hog

2 - 5 Players | 30 minutes | £28

Life on the road means relying on quick wits, mad skills, and a bit of luck to get there in one piece. Road Hog: Rule the Road captures the rolling shark tank that is our modern highway system where players shamelessly compete with each other in an infuriating race to be the first car off the exit to win. The board is set up by placing seven road tiles. Players have a hand of three cards and use two dice to manipulate the traffic vehicles and move their own vehicle toward the exit. Cards are played to provide extra movement, move other vehicles, steal other players' cards, and create various other effects to attempt to jockey into first place.

Not Alone

2 - 7 Players | 30-45 minutes | £30

Not Alone is an asymmetrical card game, in which one player (the Creature) plays against the rest (the Hunted). If you play as one of the Hunted, you will explore Artemia using Place cards. By playing these and Survival cards, you must try to avoid, confuse or distract the Creature until help arrives. If you play as the Creature, you will stalk and pursue the shipwrecked survivors. By playing your Hunt cards and using the mysterious powers of Artemia, you try to wear down the Hunted and assimilate them to the planet forever. Can the Hunted survive long enough to be saved? Or will the Creature hunt them down untill there is no one left to rescue?

The Witches

1 - 4 Players | 90 minutes | £50

The Witches: A Discworld Game is everything you'd expect from a modern board game set in Terry Pratchett's wonderful universe. It's funny (extremely funny at times), it has deep tactical gameplay and, most importantly, it has a lot of heart. The Witches tasks you with helping the unfortunate residents of Discworld and, well, you can just imagine what can happen with a setup like that. A fitting addition to the Discworld universe, The Witches is a must buy for any fans of Pratchett's series.

More games coming Next week

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