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Announcing... our brand new retail partnership with Chance & Counters!

Announcing... our brand new retail partnership with Chance & Counters!

From November, the lovely people of Cardiff - yes, you, you lovely things! - can enjoy yet another gaming space, right in the city centre.

We're partnering with Bristol's incredible board game boffins Chance & Counters to help bring you a brand new venue, open every day of the week!

Wait, what?

You've probably heard of Chance & Counters already... 

Just 2 years ago, after a successful, whirlwind Kickstarter campaign, Bristol's dedicated board gaming space & cafe opened to the public.

With drinks, snacks, and over 500 board games to peruse at the bottom of the city's iconic Christmas Steps, Chance & Counters is a fantastic venture, bringing tabletop to the Brizzle masses!

Now, like the plot twist in a superhero film... we're teaming up!

As official retail partners, Chance & Counters will now be giving you good people a 7-days-a-week gaming cafe here in the 'Diff, with Rules of Play's games & goods to support it!

How does it all work?

Imagine a cafe bar, except instead of staring at your phone and sipping tepid coffee, you get to pummel your friends at board games!

The concept is exactly how you know our Board Game Bar events to work - but now it's open daily, during both night and day, and you'll be able to buy your fave games at the end of it.

Just like Chance & Counters' successful Bristol base, you can book gaming slots for a few hours, and pay a cover charge for your gaming session.

Chance & Counters new gaming cafe in retail parnership with Rules of Play
Chance & Counters guys outside the new venue. Photo credit: WalesOnline

What made you guys team up?

Well, we already know we share the same values as the Chance & Counters guys - bringing gaming brilliance to a wider, more inclusive audience.

They're dedicated, they're experienced, and they love games as much as we do!

That, combined with our experience & retail product offering, is a match made in cardboard heaven.

Sooo, where will it be?!

Handily enough, it's just around the corner from our shop in Castle Arcade!

You can visit Cardiff's new gaming cafe at 23 High Street, right in the centre of the city.

But our not-so-inner-city friends don't need to worry - all of our existing monthly board game events in both Cardiff and Bristol are carrying on as normal.

So if you're a Roath, Canton or Grangetown regular at our events, we'll still be supplying you the gaming hit you so desperately crave (and we'll never stop 😈).

And, using our Bristol store as a base, you can also find us sipping cocktails with our games at the Arnolfini, or slugging beers and rolling dice at The Tobacco Factory (this stuff won't stop either).

Rules of Play Cardiff board games and tabletop shop - interior

Cool cool. So can I buy the games?

This is where it gets reeeaaaal funky!

Our new retail partnership means that not only will you be able to buy the games at the venue once you've played them, but you'll actually be able to use the space as a late-night delivery service, in both Cardiff and Bristol!

Let's pretend it's 5.56pm. Our shop is closing in 4 minutes. 

You, at home, realise it's your granny's birthday tomorrow and she's been heavily hinting for a copy of Terraforming Mars for a couple of weeks now.

With fumbling, panicky fingers, you call our shop, and one of our lovely members of staff picks up the phone. They'll jot down your order, and carry it lovingly to the Chance & Counters cafe bar once they clock out for the day.

Then you can pop into town that evening, pick it up, pay for it, and Bob's your uncle - and happy is your granny!

Consider it like your own personal board gaming 'click + collect' service. This is 21st century gaming!

We'll be putting out more information about this 'late night collection service' in the upcoming weeks - so keep your dice shakin' and your eyes peeled.

Rules of Play board game events in Cardiff and Bristol with Chance & Counters

I like it! When's it all happening?

Soon, should it all go to plan! We'll keep you updated.

Awesome! Now that's all dealt with, I have a question about a game...

Not a problem - you can send all your tabletop queries and conundrums to us on Twitter or Facebook, every day of the week!


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