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Amazing games coming soon!

Amazing games coming soon!

Pre-order select titles for a 10% discount!

 dark tower

Return to Dark Tower

1 - 4 players | 100 - 120 minutes | £125

A "sequel" to the 1981 grail game, Return to Dark Tower is a game for 1-4 players who take the role of heroes. Together, they gather resources, cleanse buildings, defeat monsters, and undertake quests to build up their strength and discern what foe ultimately awaits them.


D&D: Explorer's Guide to Wildemount [10% pre-order discount]

£37.80 (includes 10% discount)

Create your own Critical Role campaigns with this sourcebook for the world's greatest roleplaying game! Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount provides everything you need to play Dungeons & Dragons on the continent of Wildemount (set within the world of Exandria)—a land of war, betrayal, and swashbuckling adventure.

atlantis rising

Atlantis Rising [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 7 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £58.50 (includes 10% discount)

The isle of Atlantis, your home, is sinking. Will you be able to save your people in time? Atlantis Rising is a co-operative worker placement game in which you must work together with up to five other players to deploy citizens across your homeland, gathering resources in order to build a cosmic gate that can save your people.

 sheriff nottingham 2nd ed

Sheriff of Nottingham - 2nd Ed. [10% pre-order discount]

3 - 6 players | 60 minutes | £36 (includes 10% discount)

In Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition, players take turns playing the Sheriff, looking for contraband goods, and the Merchants trying to stock their Stall with the best goods. This new edition includes updated rules, as well as expansions such as the 6th Merchant, Black Market, and Sheriff’s Deputies.

 azul crystal mosaic

Azul: Crystal Mosaic [10% pre-order discount]

£13.50 (includes 10% discount)

Azul: Crystal Mosaic contains double-sided player boards, with each board offering new challenges and exciting new strategic opportunities. The "Crystal Mosaic" of the title is actually a plastic overlay that provides a recess to keep tiles from being accidentally bumped out of place. Four overlays are included in this expansion.


Wavelength [10% pre-order discount]

2 - 12 players | 30 - 45 minutes | £36 (includes 10% discount)

Wavelength is a social guessing game where two teams compete to read each other's minds. It’s a thrilling experience of talking and thinking and high fiving that anyone can play—but it also has some of that deep word game sorcery, like Codenames, where your decisions feel tense, strategic, meaningful.


Alubari: A Nice Cup of Tea [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 5 players | 45 - 120 minutes | £43.20 (includes 10% discount)

In A Nice Cup of Tea, players compete to cultivate and harvest their own Tea Estates and assist in the building of the Darjeeling and Himalayan Railway, from Siliguri Town to ‘the summit’ at Ghum. Guided by the placement actions of their laborers, players can also use their harvested tea leaves to make Chai for their thirsty workforce to boost their actions even more!

kodama 3d

Kodama 3D [10% pre-order discount]

2 - 4 players | 30 - 40 minutes | £27(includes 10% discount)

In Kodama 3D, players will grow trees in three-dimensional space. Players move their kodama pieces around a 4x4 grid of branch tiles in order to pick the branches they want to add to their tree!

wonderful world

It's a Wonderful World [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 5 players | 30 - 60 minutes | 35.10 (includes 10% discount)

In It’s a Wonderful World, you are an expanding Empire and must choose your path to your future. You must develop faster and better than your competitors. You’ll carefully plan your expansion to develop your production power and rule over this new world.

co2 second chances

CO2: Second Chance [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 4 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £76.50 (includes 10% discount)

This new totally re-designed edition of CO₂ features a completely new iconography, an entirely new rulebook with lots of 3D pictures for easy comprehension of the rules, more balanced gameplay, a new events deck, improved and streamlined mechanisms, and upgraded wooden components for the power plants instead of the cardboard tokens in a game with a shorter play length.

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