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All the biggest games from Essen 2018

All the biggest games from Essen 2018

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That's right everyone, it's that time of the year already. It's time for Essen! One of board gaming's largest conventions this is where we go to track down the games with all the buzz, the hidden gems, the weird and wonderful, and the next big thing.

This year we sent Ian out to Essen to make sure that you got the scoop on this year's hottest board games. Our crack team of board game investigators have assembled three top 10 lists of the amazing games from Essen this year, and don't forget all of our pre-orders come with a 10% discount!

First up, 10 Games from Essen 2018 That Were HUGE.

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How about  10 Games from Essen 2018 We're Excited For

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Make sure you get the most out of your favourite games with 10 Expansions from Essen 2018 Were Amazing

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But that's not all! Ian managed to save us a few snapshots from his trip to give you a behind the scenes look at Essen 2018.

ian beer

   Cheers Ian! Same time next year?

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