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Ain't no party like a Sushi Go Party!

Ain't no party like a Sushi Go Party!

I'm no great fan of sushi - raw fish isn't really my thing. But you know what's adorable? The word 'sushi'. Say it! It's sooooo cuuuuute!

Obviously, the folks over at Gamewright thought so too. That's why, 3 years ago, one of the loveliest games to grace this earth was born...

Sushi Go card game

Designed by Phil Walker-HardingSushi Go is a fast-paced 'pick and pass' card game, where cards whizz by as you and your opponents deal between yourselves.

You're trying to grab the best combinations - collecting the most sushi rolls or sashimi for example, or dipping your food into particular sauces to add points.

Meanwhile, you have to be careful, as any cards you let pass you by might be the very cards your opponent needed to win!

Sushi Go game components

For 2-5 players and ages 8+, this is the perfect family card game to play around the kitchen table or while you're out and about! Not only that, but it's been nominated as one of the best games ever featured on TableTop (by us, of course, but that still counts!).

It all sounds great, doesn't it? Like it couldn't get any better? Well, HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS!

Not content with the vast amounts of fun already inside Sushi Go, those cheeky chappies at Gamewright decided to unleash a barrel of craziness, brand new for 2016, with...

Sushi Go Party!

Sushi Go Party card game, new for 2016

It's sushi, multiplied! Sushi gone wild! Sushi that's ballooned up to 1000 times in size, stomping through the city like a giant Godzilla in chopsticks!

So, what makes Sushi Go Party so new and different? 

More than 5 players can now join in (it's now 8!), which is welcome news for bigger families and groups who wanted a piece of the salmon skin roll action. 

The box itself is roughly 3 times the size, which would lose a touch of the cuteness, but who am I kidding? Those tiny little sushi faces still make my ice cold heart melt ♥️

Sushi Go Party cards

(Photo credit: Geeks Under Grace)

Not only this, but you now have the option of choosing from more than 20 sushi dishes per game, with brand new bites and nibbles available. The core game is still the same, but now, there's the opportunity to customise your playing experience.

Somehow, the game art even makes eels look cute, which is seriously impressive. The adorable artwork, the easy-to-understand rules, the fast-paced competition: there are so many reasons why both Sushi Go and Sushi Go Party are the perfect family games.

Sushi Go Party components

(Photo credit: Daily Worker Placement


To find out more about Sushi Go Party, view it on the Gamewright website. To ask us about anything else (games, life, the universe, whatever!) head over to our Twitter or Facebook. 

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