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A Spicey Set of Dune Pre-Orders!

A Spicey Set of Dune Pre-Orders!

Pre-order now for 10% off board games

The pre-orders must flow! As the newest Dune film is currently screening at the Venice Film Festival, we thought it was the perfect time to show off all of the amazing games and RPGs we have available to pre-order that take place in the sands of Arrakis...

Become a part of this sci-fi epic in Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy, try to figure who is truly working for Baron Harknnonen in Dune: Betrayal, take a character all of your own into Frank Herbert's world in Dune Collectors Edition Atreides Core Rulebook, work together to make your way through the harsh desert in Dune: House Secrets, and more!

 dune conquest and diplomacy

Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 4 players | 20 - 60 minutes | £36

Take part in one of the most famous science-fiction stories of all time. Dune, A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy builds on 40 years of development, refinement, and evolution from the original classic game. It has the same beloved DNA, flavor, tension, and themes, but with new game-board design, more spice, new streamlined rules, and a new market deck from which you can purchase game advantages. Also, the brand new two-player mode really opens up new gaming opportunities, all making the game more accessible for even the most casual gamer.

dune rise of ix exp

Rise of Ix - Dune: Imperium Expansion [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 4 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £36

Conflict spreads across the Imperium in Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix, the first expansion to the award-winning board game. Enter the fray as one of three new Great Houses with unique leader abilities, acquire technological innovations from the planet Ix for a lasting strategic advantage, deploy fearsome dreadnoughts to rule the skies above Arrakis and more!

dune betrayal

Dune: Betrayal [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

4 - 8 players | 20 - 40 minutes | £18

In the social deduction game Dune: Betrayal, players take on the identity of one of the iconic characters of Dune, each representing a distinct role within the factions vying for control amid the sands of Dune. Your goal is to learn the identities of your foes while protecting your nobles, forming alliances, and utilizing tools to gain knowledge, and therefore power.

 dune rpg atreidies collectors cover

Dune Collectors Edition Atreides Core Rulebook [ Pre-order ]


Stand by your beliefs with this beautiful Collector’s Edition and proudly show the Atreides’ seal on its cover! Take your characters on a journey through the storied worlds of Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece, inhabit elite agents working for noble Houses where Mentats, Swordmasters, Spies, Bene Gesserit Sisters, Devious Advisors, or even desert Fremen join together to follow your banner...

 dune rpg sand and dust collectors

Sand and Dust Collector's Edition: Dune RPG [ Pre-order ]


This collector's edition sourcebook for the Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game, featuring a stunning foil embossed cover, takes you to the desert world of Arrakis and explores the secrets of the spice. The cities of Arrakeen and Carthag are full of agents and spies, all looking to gain an advantage for their faction, and ready to kill to maintain the power of their masters. Will Arrakis be the place your characters prove the power of their House, or will their blood be spilt on the unforgiving sands?

 dune rpg sand and dust

Sand and Dust: Dune RPG [ Pre-order ]


This sourcebook for the Dune: Adventures in the Imperium roleplaying game, takes you to the desert world of Arrakis and explores the secrets of the spice. Visit the hidden sietches of the Fremen to learn the mysteries of their culture. Walk without rhythm in the great deserts and perhaps see one of the incredible sandworms. Trade secrets with spies and agents in the bustling marketplace of Arrakeen or the alleys of Carthag. Arrakis is a planet of mysteries and danger, and those who underestimate it never leave.

 dune house secrets

Dune: House Secrets [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

4 - 8 players | 20 - 40 minutes | £18

Featuring the co-operative game system used in Portal's award-winning Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, Dune: House Secrets delivers a deeply thematic experience that drops one-to-five players in the middle of the highest stakes unfolding on the harsh desert planet of Arrakis. Players cooperatively make decisions on how to progress the story as they decide to explore different regions of the world, follow leads, leverage allies, and overcome opposition of all kinds.

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