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A Dragon's Horde of Pre-orders!

A Dragon's Horde of Pre-orders!

Pre-order RPGs and Board Games Coming Soon

This week we've got literal dungeons, literal dragons, and Dungeons & Dragons! You'll explore ancient ruins  for loot, slay monsters, and even run a theme park in our Dragon's Horde of Pre-orders.

Explore the mysteries of the Feywild in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Dungeons & Dragons, discover brand new islands and dragons in Catan: Treasure, Dragons & Adventures, forge a legend with your friends in Descent: Legends of the Dark, and more with 10% off board games!

beyond witchlight

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight: Dungeons & Dragons (DDN)


The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is D&D's next epic adventure storyline that brings the wicked wiles of the Feywild to fifth edition for the very first time!

beyond witchlight alt

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (Alternate Cover): Dungeons & Dragons (DDN)


The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is D&D's next epic adventure storyline that brings the wicked wiles of the Feywild to fifth edition for the first time. This version comes with a limited edition cover.

catan dragon

Catan: Treasure, Dragons & Adventurers [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

3 - 4 players | 90 minutes | £42.30

You and your opponents will defeat dragons, dig canals, and discover islands off the Catanian coast—along with all the treasures they conceal! This expansion contains material for 6 scenarios: The Desert Dragons, The Great Canal, The Enchanted Land, The Treasure Islands, and enough material for Greater Catan, so that you no longer need a second base game for it. Plus, there is a new scenario, Departure Into The Unknown.


Descent: Legends of the Dark [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 4 players | 120 - 180 minutes | £157.50

Forge your own legend together with friends as you adventure across the vibrant fantasy realm of Terrinoth in the co-operative dungeon-crawling board game Descent: Legends of the Dark. Powered by an integrated free companion app, Descent: Legends of the Dark puts you in the role of a budding hero with their own playstyle and abilities. Together with your unlikely companions, you'll begin an unexpected adventure — an adventure told across the sixteen quests of the "Blood and Flame" campaign...

 tyrants underdark

Tyrants of the Underdark Boardgame (2021) Dungeons & Dragons [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 4 players | 60 minutes | £36

Using power and influence as resources, Tyrants of the Underdark features multiple strategies you can use in crafting your deck of minions. Be the spymaster infiltrating your enemy's strongholds or the deadly war-leader concentrating on assassinating enemy troops. No matter how you decide to play, whoever controls most of the Underdark at the end of the game wins, unless there's some hidden strategy in play.


The Everrain Core Game [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 4 players | 30 - 180 minutes | £77.50

The Everrain is a cooperative exploration game where players must each assemble their own motley crew of spirited mariners and take to the dark seas of a world drowning under the curtain of an endless and oppressive storm that threatens to drown the world. Players must explore this dark and foreboding world, completing quests, expanding their crew, upgrading their ship and investigating the source of the Everrain before it is too late.

 roll player adventures

Roll Player Adventures [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 4 players | 90 - 150 minutes | £108

Your Roll Player characters have been called to adventure! In Monsters & Minions, you went to war against Dragul invaders. In Fiends & Familiars, you befriended wild beasts and dispelled cruel spirits. Now your fully formed, battle-hardened heroes must defend the kingdom of Nalos and uncover a mystery that lies at the heart of the Abandoned Lands. Navigate your missions with care. It's up to you who to befriend and who to battle. Whatever choices you make, someone will remember and respond.

 dungeon decorators

Dungeon Decorators [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 4 players | 40 - 80 minutes | £38.70

Dungeon Decorators is a competitive “light euro” tile-drafting strategy game for 2 to 4 players. Select tiles that give you the right combination of chilling chambers, harrowing hallways and dire decorations, then play goal cards to score points. The player who scores the most points achieves victory by impressing the client and setting them on their path to becoming the next legendary evil!

paper dungeons

Paper Dungeons [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

1 - 8 players | 30 minutes | £22.50

Prepare your adventurers for a challenging dungeon exploration in Paper Dungeons, a roll-and-write game that seeks to reproduce the feel of a dungeon-crawler. In the game, you control a classic group of medieval adventurers: warrior, wizard, cleric, and rogue. You'll also find three large monsters waiting in the dungeon, and you can fight them for glory. In the end, whoever collects the most glory wins!

 dragon parks

Dragon Parks [ 10% Pre-order discount ]

2 - 5 players | 15 - 30 minutes | £22.50

Dragons are back into our world, and they are in vogue! As the proud owner of group of islands where dragons nest, you’ll have to manage both the tourists’ expectations and the dragons’ appetite… Dragon Parks is a drafting game which makes use of transparent cards. The game ends after 3 seasons, and the player with the most visitors at the end wins!

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