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A bumper batch of games coming soon!

A bumper batch of games coming soon!

All of these games are available to pre-order with 10% off!

 clank legacy acq

Clank!: Legacy. Acquisitions Incorporated [10% pre-order discount]

2 - 4 players | 90 - 120 minutes | £86.40 (includes 10% discount)

Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated extends the deck-building fun of Clank! with legacy-style gameplay! Found your own franchise of the legendary adventuring company Acquisitions Incorporated, and shepherd your fledgling treasure-hunters to immortal corporate glory over the course of multiple games.

munchkin hp

Munchkin Deluxe: Harry Potter [10% pre-order discount]

3 - 6 players | 30 - 60 minutes | £31.50 (includes 10% discount)

Munchkin: Harry Potter lands the witches and wizards of Hogwarts in the world of Munchkin, with players needing to kick down doors, grab treasure, and level up as usual.

isle of cats

The Isle of Cats [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 4 players | 60 - 90 minutes | £40.50 (includes 10% discount)

You are citizens of Squalls End on a rescue mission to The Isle of Cats and must rescue as many cats as possible before the evil Lord Vesh arrives. Each cat is represented by a unique tile and belongs to a family, you must find a way to make them all fit on your boat while keeping families together. Complete lessons, fill your boat, and keep cat families together to score points, the winner will be the player with the most points after five rounds.

 letter jam

Letter Jam [10% pre-order discount]

2 - 6 players | 45 minutes | £15.30 (includes 10% discount)

Letter Jam is a 2-6 player cooperative word game where players assist each other in composing meaningful words from letters around the table. The trick is holding the letter card so that it’s only visible to other players and not to you.


Flotilla [10% pre-order discount]

3 - 5 players | 90 minutes | £67.50 (includes 10% discount)

Flotilla features two distinct and interwoven modes of gameplay, as you try to outpace your opponents in bringing prosperity to humanity’s new home.

 splendor marvel

Splendor: Marvel [10% pre-order discount]

2 - 4 players | 60 minutes | £32.40 (includes 10% discount)

Enjoy the fantastic game of Splendor now with a custom Marvel redesign!

 marvel champions

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 4 players | 60 minutes | £54 (includes 10% discount)

Choose to play as Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and She-Hulk! Combine your powers to take down the rampaging Rhino, the devious Klaw, or the utterly terrifying Ultron!

carnival zombie 2nd ed

Carnival Zombie: 2nd Edition [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 6 players | 45 - 120 minutes | £63 (includes 10% discount)

Carnival Zombie is a co-operative board game for 1 to 6 players, following a group of characters who are fleeing on terra firma from a sinking city overrun by zombies. The second edition includes new scenarios that will allow you to face totally new challenges!

tiny epic tactics

Tiny Epic Tactics [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 4 players | 30 - 60 minutes | £24.30 (includes 10% discount)

Tiny Epic Tactics utilizes a simple combat system with variable player powers and 3D terrain to achieve endless layers of strategy and fun. Conquer your opponents in tactical combat where every calculated move matters... or journey across the land and through the caves in a grand cooperative/solo adventure!

consulting irregulars

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Baker Street Irregulars [10% pre-order discount]

1 - 8 players | 60 - 120 minutes | £37.80 (includes 10% discount)

A brand new expansion for Consulting Detective, this will feature 10 exciting new cases (French cover shown in current image, will be updated with English cover when supplied)!


More titles to pre-order with 10% off!

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