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Don't Like Watching Rugby? Play These Games Instead!

Don't Like Watching Rugby? Play These Games Instead!

This Sunday 7th February, Wales is playing Ireland in a rugby match, and it's probably a very big deal. Surprisingly, this particular Rules of Play elf will be out watching it, but that's not my first choice of a Sunday activity and I am merely attending a birthday bash. For those of you who don't care about sport and won't be watching (I envy you all...), keep reading to see the best board games to replace an afternoon of drunken rugby mayhem (from which I have no escape). Want some extra ideas? Check out our full collection of games to play instead of watching rugby!


1. Gloom - 2-4 players, 60 minutes, £20

In the Gloom card game, you assume control of the fate of an eccentric family of misfits and misanthropes. The goal of the game is sad, but simple: you want your characters to suffer the greatest tragedies possible before passing on to the well-deserved respite of death. Perfect to combat the cheerful drunken chaos of rugby crowds. After all, what's better than misery and decay?


2. In a Bind - 3-12 players, 15 minutes, £10

If the worst happens and you find yourself stuck in a hot and crowded pub while the rugby's on, whip out In a Bind - it's like the card game version of Twister, and three rounds of making yourself look like crazy pretzels will be enough to make those around you edge away slowly. You'll have half the pub to yourself, and all because you've got your right finger touching your left eye and your left knee pointed backwards! Nothing crazy about that at all.


3. Tsuro - 2-8 players, 15 minutes, £25

Feeling a little guilty you won't be supporting your nation's dragons this Sunday? Play with other dragons instead! Tsuro is a great party game where everyone is involved and players can drop in and out between games with ease. You each control a dragon and are trying to keep him flying the skies the longest, hoping all of your opponents crash out. On your turn you lay a tile in front of your dragon and follow the twisting line in front of you as you try not to crash spectacularly into anybody else or fall off the board. Go dragons! Go Wales!

For more awesome games (boo, sport!), see our full collection of games to play instead of watching the rugby. Have a lovely, game-filled weekend!

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