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This Week's Brand New Releases!

This Week's Brand New Releases!

Brand new board games! Get yer brand new board games here and check out our full collection of new releases!

Drum roll, please! This week's brand new releases are: Epic PvP Expansion 1, a new twist on an old favourite with One Night Ultimate Vampire, do it like the ancient Romans in Trajan, become the ruling creatures of the world in Inhabit the Earth, and release the hostages in the tense 1-player Hostage Negotiator!


Check out our new releases collection for the full list, and don't forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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Meg @ Rules - January 27, 2016

It really does look amazing – interesting concepts for solo games don’t come around that often! They’re always saved for the games with 2 players and up :(

Speaking of which, an interesting solo player experience I did recently was ‘Dark Stories’, solving weird crimes and riddle-like stories. It’s way too tempting to look at the answers though…

Jamie - January 20, 2016

I’ve heard good things about Hostage Negotiator, and I’m always on the lookout for good solo games. Tempting … :)

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