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Beat the 'Winter Blues' with fun family board games

Beat the 'Winter Blues' with fun family board games

'Beat the winter blues with board games' article - snowman cuddle image

Christmas is over and it's a brand new year - gulp. 2016 was the worst year on record for literally everything so 2017 only has to be mildly okay for a drastic improvement.

We've chosen our favourite family board games to bring you zen and joy in January. If games could be warm bowls of soup, these are the 'cream of tomato' of the tabletop world. Yum.


River Dragons game board and components

1. River Dragons - 2-6 players

Board games are a bit like your babies. You're not supposed to pick your favourite child, but I'd squash my other children if it meant I could play River Dragons

In this colourful family adventure game, players lay down stones and planks to cross from one side of the river to the other. But! You have to choose your actions ahead of time, meaning you must think strategically and guess at what your opponents will do too...

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Dixit board game being played by a family\

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2. Dixit - 3-6 players

There probably isn't a family left in Britain who hasn't yet played Dixit, but if you're that last 1%, I urge you to drop everything and pick up a copy.

In this creative family board game, one player chooses an illustrated card from their hand and describes a phrase or a feeling. The other players choose one of their own cards and, out of this shuffled selection, must guess which was the original card from player no. 1. But careful - everyone guesses correctly? No points. Nobody guesses correctly? No points.

As well as guesswork, creativity, and knowing your opponents, Dixit is a game full of happiness - January's mortal enemy.

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Sheriff of Nottingham family board game

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3. Sheriff of Nottingham - 3-5 players

A bluffing family game full of bravado and bull, Sheriff of Nottingham skyrocketed to popularity after it was played on TableTop

In this game, players are moving across the borders of Nottingham with pouches full of belongings and wares to sell - unfortunately, it ain't all legal, guv. You'll have to convince the unpleasant Sheriff (played by one player) to let you pass without looking in your bag by using your best poker face and persuasion...

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There - don't you feel better, warmer, cosier already? It's like a hug in a mug!

Cute and cosy snowmen

If you'd like even more happy family board games...

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