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Birthday Gifts for the Gamer Who Has Everything

Birthday Gifts for the Gamer Who Has Everything

What do you get for the guy or gal who has everything? If you've got a gamer friend with a birthday coming up but they already seem to have it all, we're here to help you out on your quest to find the impossible gift, and there's no way they've got this stuff...


1. Cliffourd The Big Red God

Read it to kids, or keep it for yourself - this is a Cthulhu take on a childhood classic, in which renowned Cthulhu Mythos aficionado Kenneth Hite retells H P Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror" in this story of childhood terror, with adorable* illustrations by Andy Hopp. Cliffourd the Big Red God features 32 pages of full-color illustration, and is sure to be a hit with the newest generation of Lovecraft fans and their parents.

*May not be adorable to all earthly species.



2. Dark Stories 2 

Ever heard of CreepyPasta, the website dedicated to scary stories and paranormal mysteries? This is just like that, but a card game you can play with your friends! In Dark Stories 2, players will be tasked to solve a dark and disturbing mystery. The more questions you ask, the more you learn, but the facts may remain elusive, and questions can only be answered by 'yes' or 'no'. The deeper you dig, the darker it becomes. A dark party game, a mystery within itself, and definitely not suitable for children...


3. Terralith Dice

Organically designed metal dice for anyone who likes to roll with style, Terralith Dice are a truly unique accessory for gamers. Supplement any game dice with these (you'll be the envy of the game-playing table!) or use them for your RPG adventures. They're the perfect present for any gamer who truly has it all (but not enough cool dice with which to do it).

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