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Friday Rules: 04.12.2015

Friday Rules: 04.12.2015


Shocking News from the USA!

Americans like to buy stuff! Like, all the time! They just go around and buy sooo much stuff, and it's things they don't even need! Who knew?! While America's advertising is a gazillion dollar industry (probably), there are a few more methods for getting Americans into shops and spending cash - like board games...


The Good Old Game of Corner Grocery - 1887

This little vintage gem was created to be a nostalgic throwback to the better days before mass production struck and when shopping was smaller, local, and more organic. Oh, if only they could see us now.

What it really is: Amazon's arch nemesis - local business!


Park and Shop - 1950s

An honest look at how America's shopping habits had changed in just over 50 years, players had to race around the town and pick up items to complete their shopping list before their opponents.

What it really is: an advert for car parks.


Credit Ability - 1980

An educational game designed to teach you 'some of the hazards as well as the delights of buying with credit cards'. Take a look at the fake cards you'd use in the game (below). Gee, I wonder what companies inspired them!

What it really is: a great gift for the mind-numbingly boring banker in your life.


Bargain Hunter - 1981

One of the pioneering 'credit card games' for a new technological era, where the goal was to furnish your new apartment with cheap items the quickest.

What it really is: an early sign of our long-standing battle against machine.

To read the full article with more information, click here!


Librium in store at Rules of Play. Careful now...

Easy Does It... Careful Now...

If you're a fan of risking everything for the sake of feeling alive (who isn't?), then you should check out the brand new party game, Librium! Taking us back to the days of yore with games like Bucking Bronco, Jenga and Kerplunk, Librium is the cool-as-a-cucumber card game that sees players hang, dangle, and tentatively balance cards in up to 10 possible moves as you create a structure. You start the game with a clamped card for extra stability - then, when you're ready to be brave, unclamp the card and pop on more cards in every direction until CHAOS HITS and the cards go everywhere! It works both as a game and a rather striking table decoration - just don't nudge it by accident! The game's just arrived in Cardiff and is ONLY stocked with us, so pop into store to grab your copy (we have one set up on the counter (see above) - thank Santa none of us are clumsy, right?...) or get it online. There are three versions: Librium Lite+M (easily attachable to a beer bottle), Librium Lite+MT (comes in a tin which acts as the base) and Librium Lite+ (with the tripod). 


Apocalypse board games - terror strikes Cardiff!

Apocalypse Now: Family Edition

If roasting chestnuts on an open fire isn't quite your family's thing at Christmas, then check out three of the best end-of-the-world apocalypse games and practise your family's survival this season! Perfect for the inevitable doomsday soon to greet us all, these games will help you come up with a plan, hone your zombie-bashing skills, and decide who does first when push comes to shove. Happy holidays!


Survive Space Attack, buy now from Rules of Play

Survive... In Outer Space!

It was only a matter of time before the makers of the family board game Survive: Escape from Atlantis! had the bright idea to take your loved ones to space and drop them off in an alien-infested atmosphere in Survive Space Attack. This time, you're not avoiding sharks or monsters of the deep, but aliens attacking the Space Station Atlantis. Read more about the new Survive Space Attack! and grab your copy here.


Upcoming Board Game Events

Penarth Library family games day

Family Board Games @ Penarth Library

Tomorrow, we'll be at Penarth Library for a good old fashioned family games day! We'll be there from 11am - 1pm, so bring your family and we'll teach you games and get you rollin' dice, hiding cards, building cities, smashing monsters and more! Booking is essential so call Penarth Library on 02920 708438 to bag yourself a place, and entry is £1. We'll see you there!


Board Games at the Old Library in Caerphilly

Board Game Night @ The Old Library, Caerphilly

Ooh, a double whammy of games at libraries (the best places on Earth, in my opinion). A week today on Friday 11th December, there's a night of board games at the Old Library in Caerphilly, with all your faves available to play, but you're free to bring your own too. Check out the Facebook event here and rejoice! More games in the Valleys! Yaaaasssss!


Board Game Bar @ Urban Tap House

We're back at the #BoardGameBar this Monday! Come along to Urban Tap House, 5-10pm, £3 entry - it's our LAST BUT ONE OF THE YEAR! Sad times. Get your game fix while you can, folks!


Board Game Bar Christmas Party @ Urban Tap House

'Tis the season to play games and get raucously drunk! Join us for our last Board Game Bar of the year, and get festive & merry! We'll have lots of lovely Christmassy/board-game-themed baked goods, and hordes of games - come celebrate the best season of the year! Yay!
Monday 14th December, Urban Tap House, 5-10pm, £3 entry.

New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!


New Releases Coming Next Week! A quick 'n easy party card game with Red7; the successor to Glory in Rome with Mottennai Deluxe and Mottennai Mini; a solo Zombie '15 expansion with Left Alone; another 'something Sherlock' with Watson & Holmes; a chicken-based religion-building party game with The Hen Commandments; the newest expansion to Zombies!!! with Zombies 14 (Space Bites); the war game Wing Leader; the Mage Wars Spellbook Pack 4; YGO Dimensions of Chaos Advance Edition; and YGO Duelist Pack Battle City!

New Releases Available Now - Another cooperative game but this time, you're opening secret books in a school of witchcraft and wizardry... It's the Big Book of Madness!; turn your humble little café into a world class hotel in Grand Austria Hotel; YGO Master of Pendulum Structure Deck; lots & lots of Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 19 and 20; Marvel Amazing Spider Man Dice Masters Collector's Box; the party game of geographical guesswork with Terra; Nethervoid, a Tash-Kalar expansion; Crossover Pack 3, Legion of Superheroes - DC Deck Building; Dungeon Crawl Classics #88 RPG; The Strange Cypher Chest RPG; and Mutant Chronicles RPG!

Got a question for us? Don't forget to get in touch over on Twitter or Facebook!

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