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Rules of Play's Christmas Wish List

Rules of Play's Christmas Wish List

Ho ho ho, and merry season-of-the-board-game! Christmas is a peak time for games, and although we love helping our customers pick the right games for them, it's hard being around so many board games and NOT jotting down a mental list of everything we want Father Christmas to bring us! In the hopes that the big man upstairs (that's Santa up in the North Pole, of course) is checking our blog updates, we thought we'd put together a Rules of Play wishlist of the games we're craving this festive season!

IAN: Churchill. Why? 'When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.' - Joseph Stalin


MICHELLE: Ticket to Ride UK. 'She'd better like it, because that's what she's getting!' - her loving husband, Ian


HUW: Blood Rage, because what says Christmas more than Viking bloodshed to usher in Ragnarok?


MEG: River Dragons. It looks like it could be nice but it's so brutal it can make you cry, which is everything I aspire to be.


AMY: Librium! It's like a drinking game but harder, and weirdly tense but zen-like at the same time.


JESS: Holiday Fluxx, because the whole family can gang up on each other on Christmas Day!


IEUAN: King of New York! I've played a lot of King of Tokyo. Now I just want more giant monster fights.

What's on your Christmas list? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Did you know? We offer a 'wish list service' - you can drop off your list in store and your friends and family can come and pick straight from the list! 

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