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Friday Rules: 27.11.2015


paul grogan

What's It Like to Be a Board Game Tester?

If you thought getting paid to play board games sounds like a fun gig - you'd be right! Paul Grogan is a British game tester who gave up his annual salary of £45k as an IT manager to pursue his dream of playing board games all day long. He gives honest feedback to publishers and has upset a few in the past, but in his words, "I don't pretty things up". To see the full article on The Independent, click here!


Smooth, Elegant, and Full of Leather.

You may have heard of Hermès handbags, but I bet you haven't heard of their board games. Hermès is a French fashion brand lusted after by celebrities and civilians alike, and prides themselves on gorgeous quality (with a not-so-gorgeous price tag). I can't promise their game will look as good hanging off your arm or paired with heels and a pea coat, but it's always nice to stare and pretend you're posh enough to play it. They've been producing their own Backgammon and Chess sets since the 1950s, but this year, they've added two more to their list: A $41,400 inlaid rosewood and calfskin Mah-Jongg set, and a $19,000 hand-carved mahogany peg solitaire game. The perfect Christmas gift (for Russian billionaires). When asked about the new games, a creative director at the company said, “We wanted to bring a new sensuality to the game by changing the traditional sensations of sound and touch attached to many board games.The tiles are warm to the fingers. They create muffled sounds with each move—we love this leather sound," and thousands of rich people across the globe said, "We don't care, just take my money.




Naughty or Nice?

In case you missed it, we posted our top 3 board games to get on Santa's 'nice list' this past week, made for sinners, heathens, and anyone looking to do a few good deeds before Christmas. These are games that encourage co-operation, teamwork, and general joy-giving, so if you've been a total Grinch, get festive and repent! Repent! Be kind! Do good things! Play nice games! Santa will thank you for it. See our top 3 picks right here.


boys board games

Board Games @ Boys Club

Check out our top 3 board games for dads and sons, perfect for some quality Christmas time spent SMASHING THINGS AND FLYING INTO STUFF!!! Space, warriors and bugs that move like chess pieces - all the things you want this Christmas! Check out our full list here.


And One More Thing...


Board Game Bar - join us for games!

We're at the Board Game Bar this Monday as always, from 5-10pm at Urban Tap House, £3 entry. Our Board Game Bar Christmas Party is coming up, so join in and practise your losing face ahead of the big night!


A Sprinkle of Christmas Magic In Store

We've put our Christmas decorations up so you can feel festive buying fun games! Pop over to 29 Castle Arcade to see it for yourself!

In Store at rules of play

Outside store at Rules of Play

New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!

New Releases Coming Next Week! Another cooperative game but this time, you're opening secret books in a school of witchcraft and wizardry... It's the Big Book of Madness!; turn your humble little café into a world class hotel in Grand Austria Hotel; YGO Master of Pendulum Structure Deck; lots & lots of Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 19 and 20; Marvel Amazing Spider Man Dice Masters Collector's Box; the party game of geographical guesswork with Terra; Nethervoid, a Tash-Kalar expansion; Crossover Pack 3, Legion of Superheroes - DC Deck Building; Dungeon Crawl Classics #88 RPG; The Strange Cypher Chest RPG; and Mutant Chronicles RPG!


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