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Survive... In Outer Space!

Survive... In Outer Space!

Survive Space Attack! board game from Rules of Play

Can you escape aliens and jump to safety... in space?!

It's possible you've played the board game Survive... Escape from Atlantis!, the watery game of cruelty, sharks, and throwing everyone else overboard! Immensely popular and high on the best-selling list each year, it was only a matter of time until some bright spark had the idea to try and survive... in a zero gravity atmosphere!

Survive Space Attack! game board

Survive Space Attack! is the jauntily-named spacey sequel for 2-4 players, but it's not sharks you're fleeing - it's aliens!

Your crew and guests are enjoying a rather fine trip aboard the Space Station Atlantis, when Alien Warriors, Queens and Spawns fire up and begin their attack! That's enough to put a dampener on anyone's holiday...

Survive Space Attack

Some of you will board fighters and attempt to destroy the aliens, while some of you will finds safety hiding in pods, but the rest of you unlucky survivors will have to trust in your space suits and float like your life depends on it, but with aliens patrolling all areas, it won't be an easy trip! Who will make it safety? It's the one question NASA can't answer...

Survive Space Attack! is the brilliant space-race sequel to an already much-loved family board game, so if you're as brave in outer space as you are in water, it's time for you to step up to the plate... There's a whole host of new characters, waiting for you to put on their suits!

Survive Space Attack characters

The additional features of the new Survive Space Attack! include a double-sided game board that enables a variety of starting set-ups with their own unique challenges, as well as new fighter ships, laser turrets to defend the space station against the aliens, new powers that are combinable, plus four different tile thicknesses for a 3-D look. Phew!

Watch the video below for a closer look at Survive Space Attack! Interested? Grab your copy here and start surviving in space!!!

Survive Space Attack! board game from Rules of Play

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