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Friday Rules: 13.11.2015

Friday Rules: 13.11.2015


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It's A Pandemic Epidemic!

Our 'game in the spotlight' this week was Pandemic, an oldie but a goodie. Arguably the most popular co-operative board game game, the 2-4 player Pandemic takes all those plague/zombie/human apocalypse scenarios you love so much and puts YOU in charge of fixing it! You'll save the world from a rapidly spreading virus - or will you? You play against Pandemic, you run the risk of losing and killing everyone in sight. Pandemic: a great way to work on that God complex you've been harbouring. To read more about the game and see why it's so popular, check out The Pandemic Effect!


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Suspicious Games for Suspicious People...

If you're a master bluffer who likes nothing more than practising your poker face, then we've got some of the best games for spies, lies and bad guys! Whether you're a bunch of students telling fibs or a couple who want the thrill of bare-faced lies, check out these suspicious games for suspicious people. Mistrust and mayhem awaits!



Who Ya Gonna Call?

No ex-directory numbers, that's for sure - I don't want your PPI! Moving swiftly on... Ghostbusters: The Board Game has swooped into store! This 1-4 episodic adventure game of bustin' ghosts comes with varying scenarios and degrees of difficulty, depending on how much you wanna be humiliated by ectoplasm. Your Ghostbuster team will level up as you gain experience, meaning you can jump into much harder situations and test those new skillz. In July, we caught up with the Ghostbusters board game lead designer, Mataio Wilson, in an exclusive interview about the game. To see the game in our store, click here! To read the exclusive interview, click here! To book me to come and handle your ghosts & ghouls, click here!


And One More Thing...

Join us at the Board Game Bar this Monday at Urban Tap House, 5-10pm, £3 entry. Made in Cardiff TV will be there filming (so your poshest wigs, please) - plus we'll be holding our first ever Ca$h N Guns Organised Play event! Foam UZI guns for the winners and adorable Cthulhu gangster pieces for everyone who takes part. Check the event for more info!

New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!


New Releases Coming Next Week! Amazing Spider Man dice masters; a huge haul of Pokemon goodies; Favor of the Pharoah; Baseball Highlights 2045 Deluxe; Nature Fluxx; More Kittens in a Blender (expansion); Survive Space Attack - The Crew Strikes Back; Survive Space Attack - 5-6 Player expansion; Star Wars Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance RPG; plus a restock of Saboteur!


New Releases Available Now - Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters: The Board Game!; MTG Commander 2015; Runebound Third Edition; YGO Yugi's Legendary Decks; Treasure Hunter; Voila!; Cosmic Run; Biblios Dice Game; The Prodigals Club; Galaxy Trucker - Missions Expansion; Mistfall; Imperial Settlers - Atlanteans Expansion; Power Grid - The Stock Companies Expansion; and Star Wars Force & Destiny RPG - Chronicles of the Gatekeeper


coming soon

Arriving Soon - For our complete bunch of pre-order games, check out our 'Coming Soon' collection


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