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Friday Rules: 06.11.2015

Friday Rules: 06.11.2015


Star Wars Rebellion

You Know What December Means?

The brand new Star Wars film, of course! Jesus? Jesus who? To capitalise - scratch that - celebrate the film's release, news has broken of another new Star Wars game! Star Wars: Rebellion is set during the time of the original film trilogy and lets players experience the Galactic Civil War. It won't be released until early 2016, but I predict people will still be talking about the film until midway through 2019, so it all works out okay. To see more info on the game, including photos, click here! To help me wriggle out of having to watch the film in December, please assist me in making it look like I've been temporarily kidnapped. Thanks.


My copy of Sneaky Cards

Sneaky Cards For Sneaky People. 

You think you've got your Christmas best-sellers all sussed out... then Sneaky Cards creeps in and throws a spanner in the works! If you hadn't heard of it yet (well, it IS sly), Sneaky Cards is less card game, more worldwide phenomenon. You must play & give away your cards, in order to keep the game going. Cards might tell you to 'Get this card signed by a celebrity', or 'Slip this card in your favourite library book'. Whoever finds it/is given it must complete the card's objective for themselves, then pass it on again! If we play our cards right (heh), Cardiff could become a buzzing hub of Sneaky Cards magic! I've just grabbed 2 copies for myself - one for me, one for a friend. Well, they do say 'play it forward'! To see a full run-down of the game, including more photos, check out our earlier blog post. To buy your own copy (and we've already sold 20 copies in just over a day) click here to start the sneakiness!

Sneaky Cards - my own copy!


And One More Thing...

Navy board game

A Board Game From the Depths...

of a cupboard. This is the news that Andy Benford, a former submarine commander, dreamt up an idea for a naval strategy board game 40 YEARS AGO, stuffed it to the back of a cupboard, and has now pulled it back out again and turned it into a fully published board game, 'They Come Unseen'. Great news for all those who thought their creative dreams would never become a reality - just wait 40 years and let them mature like a good cheese! Unfortunately, not great news for people who hide things in cupboards. Time to find a new spot.


game night

How to Host a Board Game Party...

for people who don't play board games. It'll happen to you, one day, and you need to be prepared! Lifehacker (Australia) recommends a few tips on how to make the event run smoothly, like being totally clued up on all the rules and knowing exactly what your guests will and won't do. Hey, this also sounds the guide to hosting an or - hey, never mind. For the full article, click here!



Celebrate the Birthday...

of Monopoly, the demon-spawn-board-game that turned 80 this past week. Rules of Play's very own Michelle appeared on BBC Radio Wales to chat about it, and everyone took it for a birthday meal but it got too drunk and had to be taken home in a taxi before falling asleep with a slice of pizza flattened into the pillow. Shame that. 


We'll be at Urban Tap House this Monday for the Board Game Bar! Games, beers, burgers & awesomeness. This Monday, 5-10pm, £3 entry at Urban Tap House!

New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!


New Releases Coming Next Week! Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters: The Board Game!; MTG Commander 2015; Runebound Third Edition; YGO Yugi's Legendary Decks; Treasure Hunter; Voila!; Cosmic Run; Biblios Dice Game; The Prodigals Club; Galaxy Trucker - Missions Expansion; Mistfall; Imperial Settlers - Atlanteans Expansion; Power Grid - The Stock Companies Expansion; and Star Wars Force & Destiny RPG - Chronicles of the Gatekeeper


New Releases Available Now - STOP EVERYTHING! THE NEW TICKET TO RIDE UK MAP HAS ARRIVED! Okay, carry on... Also in: a true Board Game Bar favourite with In A Bind (by Bez); Sneaky CardsStar Wars Risk - The Black Series; MTG Battle for Zendikar Gift Box; The Last Spike; YGO Dimensions of Chaos; AVP - The Hunt Begins; Roll for the Galaxy - Ambition expansion; Red Dragon Inn 5 - The Character Trove & Allies Wrench & Allies Zariah the Summoner & Allies Halden the Unhinged expansions; Galaxy Command; and Outbreak - Undead Second Edition Starter Kit RPG


coming soon

Arriving Soon - For our complete bunch of pre-order games, check out our 'Coming Soon' collectionPRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!


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