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Sneaky Cards - The Game That's Sneakin' Up On The World!

Sneaky Cards - The Game That's Sneakin' Up On The World!

You may not have heard of Sneaky Cards yet, but that's okay. It's sneaky. So sneaky it turned up in our store today, and you had no clue!

You see? Super sneaky. From Gamewright comes this brand new card game turning life into an adventure, making random daily moments and interactions with strangers into an actual game objective

There's no sitting around the table with this game! Just pure action and silliness. You need to become a secret agent of joy in this scavenger hunt that inspires creativity and rewards audacity!

The aim of Sneaky Cards is to complete each card objective - and that could be anything from 'Take a selfie with a stranger' to 'Pre-pay for an item at a vending machine'. Once you've done it, take a photo as proof (if you like) and do what the card says next. For example, you might need to leave the card in the payment slot of the vending machine. That's where the 'playing it forward' line comes from.

Your mission objectives vary - it's not all about paying for someone else! Some objectives are to 'connect', and want you to 'Give this card to someone who makes you smile'. Some are SUPER sneaky and want you to 'Give this card to somebody without them knowing.' 

You can register your cards online before you play, meaning you might leave them places or give them to strangers but you'll always be able to track them and see how far they travel! France, New York, Nigeria - imagine the things your Sneaky Cards will see! Adventures ahoy!

Sneaky Cards: Play It Forward has become a game sensation - you can read about it on Upworthy, become a fan on Facebook and get involved on Twitter - and been labelled as 'the antithesis to Cards Against Humanity'. Finally, a game that pushes you to do all those good deeds you should be doing! Incredibly, the game's concept was dreamed up by a then-16-year-old Harry Lee in 2009, before being brought to life by a game developer.

Sneaky Cards is so elusive that only a few hundred copies are sneaking into the UK, and we've got a hefty chunk of that amount coming directly into our shop, meaning we might be about to turn Cardiff into its own city-wide scavenger hunt! I will, of course, be purchasing my own copy - let the sneakiness begin!

If you're feeling super sneaky and ready to go, you can buy your copy of Sneaky Cards right now or pop into our store to pick one up!

To watch it played and reviewed, check out the video below.

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