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All Aboard! The Ticket to Ride UK Map Has Arrived!

All Aboard! The Ticket to Ride UK Map Has Arrived!

Buy Ticket to Ride UK Map from Rules of PlayOur Ticket to Ride UK display in store!

That's right, passengers! The latest and greatest expansion for Ticket to Ride has whistled its way into our store's station this morning!

The brand new Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom map also features a side for Pennsylvania, new Train cards and new Stock Shares cards. You'll be able to choo-choo-chug your way across England, Scotland, Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland, and - drumroll, please - Wales

Wales section on the Ticket to Ride UK map

You can hop off in Cardiff for a curry and a fight down Caroline Street, before heading on to Holyhead and nodding enthusiastically at people speaking Welsh. Yay! There's also the Pennsylvania side and its Stock Shares cards, allowing players to invest in railroad companies and score those sweet, sweet points.

Ticket to Ride UK map - Technology cards

To see more about the map, with more photos and info about the game, check out our blog post here. To pick up your OWN copy, pop into our store or buy it online here.

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