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Mysteries & Magic... It's Mysterium!

Mysteries & Magic... It's Mysterium!

There's a new board game knocking at the door of this haunted house - say hello to MYSTERIUM! I can already feel those goosebumps...

In the 2-7 player board game Mysterium, Mr. MacDowell, a gifted astrologist, enters his new house when he immediately detects a supernatural being. Gathering eminent mediums of his time (that's you!) for an extraordinary seance, you'll have 7 hours to contact the ghost and investigate to unlock an old mystery…

mysterium artwork

One player will take on the role of the murdered ghost. This player can't talk and communicates with the mediums through 'visions', represented by illustrated cards. Mysterium was made by the same creators of Dixit and having seen the Mysterium cards in person, I can assure you: They. Are. Fantastic. Just like Dixit, this is another perfect family board game!

mysterium cards

Moving on! The ghost will try to recall all the suspects present at his murder, along with the location and the weapon - but this is no Cluedo, folks. Not only is Mysterium a great cooperative board game, but players' chances of solving the mystery will enhance as their guesses get better and they're awarded points and more clues. No tantrums with this family game!

mysterium artwork

Mysterium works like Pandemic, in that all players need to pull their weight and work together. By the seventh hour, if one or more mediums hasn't identified the right suspect, location and weapon, then the ghost fades away and the mystery is left unsolved. However, if the majority of mediums have identified the correct parts of the puzzle, then the killer has been identified and the ghost can rest peacefully while everyone ignores that a violent murderer is still at large. Argh!

Mysterium being played

Mysterium was actually first published as a slightly different game system under the name Tajemnicze Domostwo. I think 'Mysterium' definitely has more of a ring to it! Building up buzz for the past few months, this brand new board game is bringing some much-needed fresh blood to the cooperative game market and is the perfect party board game for any student night. If you and your mates want something spooky - maybe for a Halloween party! - then Mysterium's your game.

Mysterium in action

Shall we talk about Mysterium's design? YES PLEASE! The 'ghost' player will have their own three panelled screen, with a beautiful design on the back (of course), and 18 slots to fit in their suspect, location and weapon cards. A clock is constructed, tokens are handed out and each medium gets their own little crystal ball. A crystal ball! This game is something else!

mysterium crystal balls

Want someone else's word on it? Read a more in-depth review of Mysterium from Shut Up & Sit Down. In their words, "SU&SD categorically recommends Mysterium!"

Alternatively, check out this video review by Board Game Brawl - in the words of the reviewer, "If you don't own any version of Mysterium, then THIS is the one to get!"

If you like the sound of Mysterium, then check it out in our shop and see for yourself!

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