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Hungover. Need Help. Send Games.

Hungover. Need Help. Send Games.

It's the day after your office party/festive gathering/'quiet Christmas evening with your nan' and somehow, you've drunk enough alcohol to paralyse a reindeer. What you need is something peaceful, calm, and soothing. Something to keep your hangover at bay and your head busy. You need board games! Keep reading to see the top three games to keep you calm during 'hangover season'.

1. Hanabi - 2-5 players, 30 minutes, £9

There's no way you'll be seeing any actual fireworks tonight - your head's banging loud enough as it is. In fact, any sudden movements are painful. Thank the lords of Guinness for Hanabi! In this little co-operative card game, players are trying to put on a spectacular fireworks show, except there's a catch - no player can see their own cards! Everyone's hands are kept facing outward, so that everyone (except you) can see what cards you've got. You'll spend hint tokens trying to help each other figure out what numbers and colours they're currently holding, but these tokens are in limited supply! Work together in Hanabi and you could put on the best pyrotechnic light show the world has ever seen, and not one single flashing light made you feel queasy along the way!


2. Tsuro - 2-8 players, 20 minutes, £25

A bit like weaving your merry path home after one too many pints, Tsuro is a game of treading carefully. Players will place tiles and create paths for themselves with the aim of being the last player still on the board. Be careful - if you place a tile that leads you off the board, you're out! If you place a tile that leads you into another player, you're out! Other players can be strategic and place tiles that'll keep them safe and drive you dangerously close to the edge, so keep an eye on where you're heading. Tsuro is also known as: that part of the taxi ride when your mates have fallen asleep in the back and you're drunkenly trying to tell the driver a list of six drop-offs in geographical order. Eyes on the road, people! Don't go off the board!

3. Splendor - 2-4 players, 30 minutes, £25

In Splendor, players become merchants of the renaissance looking to acquire wealth and prestige. I'd liken it to that hopeful feeling you get looking in your purse at the end of the night, but we all know there's no wealth in there! Players will take turns buying cards, reserving cards or collecting money. Your chips and cards can be exchanged for better cards with higher points, but there's a right time to splash out and a right time to keep your money close. Nobles may also visit you for a cheeky afternoon tea, and they'll chuck a couple of extra points your way - the first player to reach 15 points in total wins! Splendor is an award-winning game where nobody shouts, nobody screams, and nobody asks you to get a round in at the bar.

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