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Friday Rules: 10.04.2015


Game Of The Week - Dead of Winter. If there's nothing scarier you can think of than zombies with frostbite and icicles in their hair (creepy, right?!), then this 2-5 player semi-cooperative board game will give you chills - ba dum tsshh! Dead of Winter is also a big hitter with fans of the Youtube series 'TableTop', after being one of their games played in Series 3 (the video amassing almost 660,000 views!) and we've even got a special TableTop edition for our event tomorrow. The box art features Felicia Day's popular face, and there's a separate bunch of Felicia promo cards too! In the game, players must work together to try and grasp some kind of victory... but each player must also completely their own secret objectives! You're caught between two worlds - working for the good of the team, and working for the good of yourself. A number of obstacles pop up during play, like healing infections, repairing defences and constantly casting a net for fellow nearby survivors. If you like zombies (who doesn't?) then this game is a fresh new take on a genre stumbling on its own deadened legs.



International TableTop Day is TOMORROW! In case you hadn't heard, the biggest and best day in tabletop gaming is hitting the world in under 24 hours! Rules of Play will be celebrating the day by throwing 2 completely free-of-charge events! We'll be at the Chapter Centre, Canton, from 12-4pm, for a whole day of family festivities! The board game designer Andrew Harman will be there to teach and play his new 'summer in a box' board game, 'Sandcastles'! Then later on we'll be at The Gate Arts Centre, Roath, from 6-11pm for an over 18s evening of beers and board games! Wash down your losses (and your victories!) with beers - always the best way to do it. Andrew Harman - with the stamina of an ox - will be there as well, with both 'Frankenstein's Bodies' and 'Sandcastles'! We'll also be bringing our TableTop Day promo kit full of brilliant goodies, and we'll be raffling them off as prizes during the evening! Click here for pictures of the freebies plus a full list of contents! We'll also have Chris Brett, an ambassador for the board game publisher Arcane Wonders, running games of his 'Sheriff of Nottingam' and 'Mage Wars' demo copies, and he'll even have promos for Mage Wars! So come along and join us - you do NOT wanna miss this day! 


And Now, Cue The Sad Piano Music. In rather upsetting news, 'Draughts', East London's cool-as-a-cucumber board game café, was recently the target of a robbery. On the Tuesday just gone, some thieves broke into the café, wrenched the safe out of the wall, stole a tablet, took money from the till and stole whatever they thought was of any value. Exceeeept... the board games. That's great, really - it means the shop don't have to replace them all! They've suffered a huge loss, with an estimated £3000 in Bank Holiday takings being stolen, but the games are still intact and the shop is okay, luckily! The main reason I'm sharing this story - because who wants to read something sad on a Friday?! - is the utterly perfect response to the break-in on social media, and my suspicion that whoever wrote the original article about the robbery is actually not picking up on it. For example, one guy said, "Hopefully those responsible go directly to jail and do not pass go." That's pretty obvious, so I'm sure they got that. But then one Twitter user wrote, "I bet they have a chequered past." I mean, WHAT?! Actually, there's no way you can't get that reference. In any case, as a fellow board game haven, Rules of Play wishes Draughts the very best of luck in getting back on their feet! 


Our PPTQ Milwaukee event is this Sunday in store! From 10 - 5pm, you can play non-stop Magic! It's standard draft with a entry price of £20, with a prize pool of boosters!


We're back at the Board Game Bar again this Monday night! After all the excitement of TableTop Day, you'd think we'd be sleeping snug in bed with our alarms on 'snooze', but think again! Board games don't sleep! Join us at Urban Tap House, 5-10pm, £3 entry price per person for a whole lotta games!


New Releases / Restocks / Coming Soon!


New Releases Coming Next Week! Get your 'yum' on with some Just Desserts, the game of serving pudding to some very tricky customers!; Yu-Gi-Oh World Superstars boosters will be hitting the store; Castle Panic - The Dark Titan expansion; Alien Frontiers Expansion Pack #3; Alien Frontiers Expansion Pack #4; Evolution; Dark Heresy RPG Enemies Within; and The Strange RPG In Translation!


New Releases Available Now - Stake your claim as the greatest pirate of all time in Dark Seas, building an island empire, recruiting pirates and acquiring treasure and infamy!; expand on your Doomtown collection with Faith and Fear; a brand new data pack with The Valley for Netrunner (insert Welsh joke here!); Lord of the Rings LCG - The Lost Realm; and another Conquest war pack with The Threat Beyond!


Arriving Soon - 1 new Pandemic expansion with the hotly anticipated Pandemic: Legacy;  Extra! Extra!, the game of fast-paced news and questionable reporting; Flea Market, where finding bargains is now a skill to be judged on (woohoo!); Tigris & Euphrates, the new and updated version of the classic tile-placement civilisation game; plus the Temple of Elemental Evil board game from adventure favourite, Dungeons & Dragons! For our complete bunch of pre-order games, check out our 'Coming Soon' collectionPRE-ORDERS FOR ALL THESE BEING TAKEN NOW!


Get involved in the conversation, follow us on Twitter: @rulescardiff or join us on Facebook: Rules of Play. Keep an eye out for more stuff from our blog - we release new features and posts regularly!

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