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Our 'TableTop Day Promo Kit' Arrived!

This Saturday on April 11th, International TableTop Day will be setting itself up on tables, floors, bars (wherever there's room) across the whole globe! Rules of Play will be hosting 2 FREE board gaming events - one event at Chapter, from 12-4pm for families, and one at The Gate, from 6-11pm for over 18s. Both of them look set to be AWESOME. Especially as we've just received our International TableTop Day promo kits! Check them out in the pictures below, and scroll to the bottom for a full list of everything included! We'll be giving out the contents in a raffle during our evening event at The Gate, this Saturday, 6-11pm!




You'll have spotted loooads of cool stuff in the pics already, but here's the full list!

  • Four '7 Wonders' Wil Wheaton cards
  • One copy of 'Batman Love Letter' (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Bioshock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia' (pictured)
  • One 'Boot Hill' Extra Character promo sheet
  • Two 'Cash 'N Guns' Blackmailer cards
  • Three 'Castle Panic' TableTop Day Towers (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Clubs' (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Council of Verona: Collector's Edition' (pictured)
  • One 'International TableTop Day' poster (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Dark Seas' (pictured)
  • One 'Dark Seas' postcard
  • One 'Dark Seas' poster (pictured)
  • Two copies of 'Dead Man's Draw: TableTop Day Edition' (pictured)
  • Two 'Dead of Winter' Felicia Day Survivor promo packs (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Dead of Winter: TableTop Day Edition' (pictured)
  • Two 'Dixit' card packs (pictured)
  • One 'Evolution' promo coaster pack (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Fluxx 5.0' (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Geek Out: TableTop Day Edition' (pictured)
  • Two 'Geek Out: TableTop Edition' promo packs
  • Four 'Killer Bunnies' promo card packs
  • One copy of 'Krosmaster Junior' (pictured)
  • One 'Krosmaster' promo figure (pictured)
  • One 'Munchkin' premium hoodie (pictured)
  • Twenty 'Munchkin: TableTop' bookmarks (pictured)
  • One copy of 'Reverse Charades: Geek & Sundry edition' (pictured)
  • Six 'Roll For It! Owlbear' promo cards (pictured)
  • Four 'Sheriff of Nottingham: Trophy of Awesome' promo cards
  • One 'TableTop Campaign Collector's Coin Pack' (pictured)
  • Four 'Terror in Meeple City/Rampage' Space Cowboy Shuttle cards (pictured)
  • One 'Three Cheers for Master TableTop' promo pack
  • One copy of 'Where Art Thou Romeo?'
  • Fourteen 'Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day: Fluxx' promo packs (pictured)
  • Eight 'X-Wing' promo cards
  • One 'Zombie Romeo' and 'Zombie Juliet' card pack


This pack is insane! They say money doesn't buy you happiness but it buys you a truckload of awesome TableTop goodness, and that's close enough. To see it in all its glory (and possibly get your hands on some... who knows!), come along to our FREE evening event this Saturday, at The Gate! 

- 6pm - 11pm: The Gate Arts Centre, Roath // A whole evening of beer and board games for over 18s!

But remember, we'll also be at The Chapter Centre during the day, for all parents, kids and imaginary friends too!

- 12pm - 4pm: The Chapter Centre, Canton // A full day of family board games for kids and parents alike!


*DON'T FORGET: Andrew Harman {@franks_body} (creator of the ghoulishly cool Frankenstein's Bodies and the summery sweet Sandcastles) will be at both events, teaching the family game 'Sandcastles' at Chapter and 'Frankenstein's Bodies' at The Gate! Plus, Tinkerbot Games will be at both events taking interviews and making podcasts! Aaaand we've got our free 'Rules of Play/TableTop Day 2015' rubber wristbands to give away! You do not wanna miss this day!*


See you there! I'll be the one trying to stuff all of these promo goodies into my pockets... What? I WANT IT, OKAY?! I WANT IT ALL!

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