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Thunderbirds TV Series Returns with Upcoming Board Game!

Thunderbirds returns to our TV screens this weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary with Thunderbirds Are Go! A faithful homage, update, reworking, whatever you'd like to call it, Thunderbirds are back and they could be back for good. But, in case that wasn't enough there's also a new Thunderbirds board game in the works and it's only being made by co-operative board game designer Matt Leacock (@mleacock).

Rules of Play recently caught up with the Pandemic creator recently and, after asking a rather innocent question, stumbled across this..

Rules of Play: So, what are you working on right now?

Matt Leacock: There are two things, one is Pandemic Legacy but this August (or is it September) I'll be releasing Thunderbirds: The Board Game. I'm working with Modiphius in the UK and we've got the TV licence and it's been great investigating that world and putting it together.

Weta Workshops has been working on the modals so I've got all sorts of fun little props to play with and we're wrapping up its design. It should be Kickstarting in the next few weeks [already funded!]. It's been really fun to learn all about and design.

RoP: That's amazing. How did this ingenious decision come about?

ML: I ran into Chris Birch of Modiphius at Spiel [des Jahres] in Germany and he cornered me and he said this was the perfect opportunity to make a co-operative game and told him I'd check it out. So I went and watched all the episodes of the show and I thought 'wow, this is a natural fit for a co-op game'.

And then I just immersed myself in all of the source books and the shows and all things Thunderbirds. That was a lot fun. The little miniatures that come with the game are going to be great and right now I'm doing a lot of testing to see what people are doing with it.

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