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We Took 'Cthulhu Wars' To The Board Game Bar!

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Last night at our weekly Monday night Board Game Bar, we opened Cthulhu Wars for the very first time! Watch the ripping open of the cellophane in our Vine below!

If you had no clue what the game contained, it was a pretty big surprise to open such a huge, scary-looking box... only to be met by monsters in all colours of the rainbow! Check it out below!

If you're still not sure what we're wittering on about, Cthulhu Wars takes its name from its creator, H. P. Lovecraft. He created a whole mythos based on Cthulhu monsters. Think tentacles, monsters and ancient things. In Cthulhu Wars, each player takes control of one faction on a map of Earth. You must gather power and complete various tasks, like slinging spells, summoning monsters and engaging in a bit of good ol' fashioned battle. You only win once you've reached '30' on the score chart AND unlocked all 6 spell books. Brightly coloured, sure, but still intense!

Watch the Vine above to see our players' first reactions at the Cthulhu Wars components. If you squint hard enough at the end, you can see wide eyes and open mouths! Ahhh!

So what did the players think?

Chris wanted to say something slightly inappropriate about the use of tentacles, but he settled on calling it "Really tentacle-y and fun," while Pete said it was "Complex to set up but really fun to play." Ah, but Pete! These are rainbow coloured monsters! They need time, patience and a craftsman's hands! James said he spent most of his train ride back to Bristol considering how the game played out - a post game briefing! Always wise! He reckons everyone launched in with the 'big bad guys approach', and he admits he could've "used the Spell Book skills better". He also said he "really enjoyed it and it caught a lot of people's attention from its design." He ain't wrong there, there was a whole crowd gathering round! 

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